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Encounter mattress aesthetics, understand sleep art

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-21
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Encounter mattress aesthetics, understand sleep art

Encounter mattress aesthetics, understand sleep art
From this point of view, everything related to sleep
Can touch people’s deep emotions
The rebound sponge mattress is a free bridge that carries the body and soul
After integrating art aesthetics and emotional care
Let people's life level be improved in the sleep experience
Indeed, in the context of modern people's universal pursuit of quality and exquisite life, the rebound mattress should not only be regarded as a simple household item, but also as a concentrated expression of identity cultivation, artistic pursuit and spiritual realm. When we carefully examine the raw material latex mattresses that accompany us every night, we can see the deeper artistic elements and emotional value.
Encounter aesthetics, feel furniture art in color and line
The spiritual satisfaction of modern people is largely due to the sympathy of encounters, just as art gives people comfort and strength. Even a quiet night mattress also carries people's sustenance for a better life and satisfies people's endless imagination of life.
 About color resonance. The combination of color and art contains a strong artistic flavor and has become a classic. The "Starry Night" series has become a century-old classic because Van Gogh awakened the loneliness and impulse in people's hearts through the blending of blue and yellow colors. The return of classic blue to Pantone's annual release color in 2020 has also proven the classic again. Blue is not only integrated into the show creation by various fashion brands, but also widely used in the commercial field, such as CHANEL 2020 high-end.
Therefore, the hue selection of bedding is inspired by this, and it is easier to resonate with users. In the 2020 Shenzhen Home Design Week and the 35th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, Xilinmen's latest round rhyme series boldly used contrast colors, blue and yellow intersect on the white cloth surface, and gray acts as a harmony here. Such a combination of colors pays tribute to Master Vincent Van Gogh to some extent.
About line construction. Throughout the excellent works in art history, the flexible use of lines distinguishes famous artists from ordinary people. Like Velázquez’s Venus, each thread is soft and soothing, and its luster is like shining the moon in the forest. This line is also used in modern fashion design. In the choker necklace that Bai Bing wears in the show, the arc neutralizes the sharpness brought by other geometric figures, and the roundness of the pearls blends the square sense of squareness. , Especially advanced.
The artist's lines are full and poetic, and the so-called high-level is vividly reflected in every arc.
Understand art and become a delicate sleeper
A piece of design furniture is a work of art in itself.
 No matter which kind of sleep art you are pursuing, it essentially reflects that people have a more advanced pursuit of sleep, and then the requirements for bedding have risen from functionality to artistry.
 The queen sweet dream mattress is our sleep, and the comfort of the queen sleep well mattress has a positive relationship with the quality of sleep. As Shakespeare said, comfortable sleep is the gentle and missed care that nature gives to people.
 Sleeping beautifully is the best respect for life. Yuanyun series mattresses pursue the quality of sleep with artistic concepts, reflect the "national tide" with actions, and always take "committed to human healthy sleep" as the mission, just to let more people who pursue quality sleep peacefully.
In this world, people come and go, walking in a hurry, fortunately to meet you, to accompany you, is a warm guardian.