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Don't believe these marketing words, give you a post that explains the handmade mattress thoroughly

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Don't believe these marketing words, give you a post that explains the handmade mattress thoroughly

Don't believe these marketing words, give you a post that explains the handmade mattress thoroughly
"Five-star hotel same style" is sweeping the home textile industry classic words.
The consumers were so happy that they couldn't take back the hand that had begun to open their wallets.
But to mattess industry, the personage inside course of study of home textile industry, want kua his mattess bed tastes, won't use absolutely "hotel is same" these four words, despise it even.
Many consumers think that five-star hotels are more comfortable to sleep in than their homes. They have more emotional appeal and better experience.So follow the hotel configuration to buy, certainly can't go wrong.
Isn't.In the mattress industry, good sleep ≠ good configuration.
Today I'm going to demolish the myth of five-star hotels.
5 star hotel with same configuration
It's not as good as you think
We did an interesting survey, making more than 100 calls to ask what brand mattresses and other bedding products were used in five-star hotels.
The research scope covers dozens of five-star hotels at home and abroad, including large five-star hotels such as Marriott Hotel Group, Hilton Hotel Group, intercontinental Hotel Group, as well as five-star hotels such as Peninsula and Wyndham boutique.
Simmons accounts for up to 50% of the mattresses in the five-star hotel, followed by Kinkal and Schudar, 3s are the reigning champion.
Hilton hotels, for example, has used everything from Ginger to Schutda to Simmons.The management of the Four Seasons hotel is obviously more vertical and unified, all simmons.
Follow the hotel to buy these famous brands, no problem.
If you stay at the Waldorf Astoria Beijing and fall asleep, you have no problem buying gold.If you love to sleep four seasons, simmons.To see the full collection see >>> called 100 five-star hotels, I cracked <<< <
But even if you know that Four Seasons is a Simmons, the exact configuration is a mystery.General customer service is also not clear, unless you ask the hotel procurement contacts.
Our mattress supplier and the hotel signed 400, 500 such large orders.So it's not hard to trace the same mattress and materials.
For example, the westin Dream Bed, the most famous hotel in the world, is made by Kim Kell.The configuration is a separate bag spring (hard on both sides) +2cm soft latex + sponge.Kim Kore's star A, is the sky dream to do.
What does sleep feel like?Soft, probably one of the softest mattresses in the hotel world, with good waist support.There is a sense of package, sleep up a little nest into the feeling.How does this feeling of advanced sleep "save"?
Save money rule 1: give up the non-woven cloth + glue and put only one layer of soft felt on the spring of the separate bag.You'll feel softer lying on your back, but the mattress will decay faster and become less rigid.
Money-saving rule # 2: The fabric layer is extra thick, so you use less latex in the comfort layer.About 4.5cm thick sponge quilted together, tight, have a solid feeling and not easy to collapse.
Money-saving rule no. 3: Replace latex with a wave sponge.The Golden Kerr project payment of the Marriott system has no latex. The sleep feeling is a little harder than daydream. If you don't like the sleep feeling of a little nest, you will like this more.
These are very basic configurations.
Will the hotel mattress be changed?Our supplier said he didn't change them for 10 years, unless they were obviously caved in or cratered, they would change a dozen out of 200.
What if you save money on materials, mattresses are less durable, and over the next few years they become less comfortable?
Money-saving rule # 4: Hotels will buy some sponge MATS, the most common ones, four or five hundred, which will add to them and make the bed soft again.
Like this
So remember: same hotel = project = savings
Where does the hotel's superior sense of sleep come from?Cushions and bedding.
Tianmeng's mattress, for example, has a thick mattress cover.One side is wool, very warm in winter, and the other side is pure cotton, suitable for summer use.
Our supplier also makes this kind of wool pad
In addition to wool, there are also hotels with down mattress.
Add to that a high-density Egyptian cotton/linen/cotton sateen four-piece set and a lightweight, warm duvet, and you'll be more than happy to sink into the clouds
So if you really like the sleepiness of your hotel, find the basics and buy a soft down/wool topper and goose feather pillow for a much better deal.
True with paragraph configuration mattess moves the small bedroom of your home 10 a few square metre, after filter lens is broken, the likelihood feels also just so.
Reality top mattress sleep feeling
It's not as expensive as you think
One of the most recognized sleepiness in the hotel world is in the presidential suite.
The configuration is not at the same level as the project money.Hestia mattress in the Ritz-Carlton Lujiazui's Top Executive Suite (12W/night) :
Some of the presidential suites at four Seasons, Banyan Tree and other hotels use Mattresses priced close to 100W from Hestin.
VI Spring Mattress in the Mandarin Oriental Two-Bedroom Presidential Suite (16W/night) :
Cheung reportedly went straight to the VISPRING store to buy millions of mattresses and bed products after a night's sleep at Mandarin Oriental.
To film
Not only did I lie on the same mattress in the presidential suite at the Milan show, I even sewed it myself...
I generally evaluate the feeling of sleeping on a mattress from three dimensions: soft vs. hard, board vs. spring, loose vs. tight.
The biggest difference between hotel style and top - class handmade mattress lies in the last dimension.The hotel style is loose and soft, while the handmade mattress is soft and tight.
There is no contradiction between softness and compactness.VI Spring has a very famous mattress section drawing:
The wool and springs will spring up when it is cut open.Because the thickness of the filling, far beyond the packaging of the thickness.That's a lot of pressure on the whole mattress.
So even though each layer of material is very soft, you can still feel the tight elastic bounce on your back and hold you firmly.So say without hyperbole, top class manual mattress is to rely on pile material to pile up come out.
In addition to the material, the biggest difference in the feeling of sleep comes from the original but sturdy pull and pull process, which is not normally achieved with a mattress glued together.
To film
With thick line and 2 up and down two buttons, the height of the mattress compression 3-5cm or so, so as to produce a kind of Q spring and tight sleep feeling, the response of the spring is more flexible, delicate.
The mattess now, used the glue that saves labor more commonly to fix lamination.But in reality, the glue will harden and age, adding a layer of hardness between the layers, which will affect the feeling of sleep and limit the spring's movement space.
The pull button is the key to the feeling of sleeping on a handmade mattress, a craft that few people in China can make.Our mattress supplier, also only experienced more than 10 years of technicians can do.
The push-button process also comes with the benefit that the whole mattress is glue-free and very environmentally friendly!
In addition to the push-button process, the handmade mattresses are made of natural materials and have a great advantage in the sense of sleep:
Soak up the air.
Whether it's wool, horse tail hair or silkworm fillings, thanks to the internal pores of the natural fibres, they look thick but don't cause you to sweat in the summer or feel dry in the winter.
In wool, for example, water gets into the cracks and pores between the fibrils.So, it can absorb 30% of its own weight of water without feeling wet, and through the flow of air, quickly discharged into the air.
Restore the sleeping feeling of handcraft mattress so, hold these two points: pull button craft and surface layer natural fiber fill, basically big difference is not bad ~
As for whether you really want an Italian artisan to sew it for you for a day and a night, that depends on your preferences and won't have a noticeable effect on your sense of sleep.
Selmond X Pineapple Zebra handmade mattress
Restore the highest level of sleep
The standard of this handmade mattress is VISPRING REGAL Superb. The price is 15W. There are three layers of wool + horse tail hair on the surface.
The key to improved sleepiness is the rare hand-pulled button technique.This mattress has been hand-pulled and fastened by a master with over 10 years of experience. The durability is very good, even if you want to use it for 20 years.
The mattress after the fastening is completed:
There's not a drop of glue between each layer of material, so anyone with an obsession with glue and formaldehyde can rest assured.
The material object is 30cm, and the whole bed is prepressed 3cm by pulling and bucking technique.So mattress material actually reached 33cm, is the top mattress soft and tight sleep feeling.
Manual mattress structure diagram of the whole bed:
On the surface, we used becket woven fabric + mulberry silk filling + super soft sponge + domestic latex 2cm+ wool filling + Belgian latex 2.5cm.
In a darker room, the mattress even comes with its own sheen and looks shiny.
Very advanced
Materials are in accordance with the big shop selection standards.Belgium latex, for example, is the brand's unique process.Natural ripples are produced during the production process, and it is difficult to find latex in China and Southeast Asia and Thailand.These bumps also give better support.
Belgium tidal corrugated latex
The sleeping feeling of top class matress, rely on be used to pile up solidly namely, do not allow any cut corners.
In addition to these natural materials, there are 2 layers of Spinks mini springs and 1 layer of medium sized mini springs.These 3 layers of small spring, total number has 5994 as many as!
Spinks Mini spring action
As mentioned earlier, the function of the small spring is to be comfortable.They're generally very thin, very soft, and very thin, and the main function is -- to make the support more elaborate, to accommodate different heights and different weights.
Spinks springs originated from the British Harrison family, which owns an 18th century British aristocratic estate, which is a level-2 protected building in the UK.Founded in 1889, the brand focuses on handmade mattresses, which are recognized by the Queen and members of the Royal family. It has won five Queen's Enterprise Awards, creating a real sleep experience for the British aristocracy.
And Spinks are the inventors of the mini spring, which broke the "single spring" tradition in the mattress industry and later became the standard for luxury mattresses.
Our supplier is the domestic agent of Spinks spring. If others want to use the same type, they have to go through him.
Mr. Harrison is at the factory with our supplier
The miniature spring used in the mattress is one of harrison's products that won the Queen's Award for Enterprise.
Pictures from suppliers
The washing label for the handmade mattress will have an award tag with a miniature spring.You can even send an email to Harrison UK to confirm that the spring came from them.
In the sense of sleep, the mini spring can make the mattress's adaptability and fit better, very flexible, we weight 200 catties of colleagues can lie on the stable drag, do not sink into empty waist.
Support layer big spring, using European standard, compared to the domestic general 6 and a half, its 7 laps of resilience is more excellent, and small caliber, number, very dense, more support points.The springs themselves on both sides of the perimeter have been hardened.
The whole bed has 1224 large springs and 5994 3-layer mini springs, and the number of springs reaches 7714, which is very scary.
Spring scene shooting
Each layer of the mattress is fixed together by the last pull button process.There is no glue at all between each layer.The friend that is sensitive to smell can be bold and at ease buy, buy to sleep immediately, do not need to come loose flavour.
It is because of the top solid material, the bed mattress has reached the weight of 1.5-2 wave mattresses, there are 70kg so heavy.We all need four strong men to carry us when we shoot.
If you want to put it in the master bedroom, you need a flat bed frame or a frame with a gap of less than 4cm, or you can buy a bed board by yourself, so as to bear the weight of the mattress.
Also suggest bedstead height does not exceed 15cm, the meeting after putting mattess otherwise is too high.
Compared to VI Spring's price of more than 15W, this handmade mattress now costs just a little over 10W. It's really worth it!
You might wonder why prices vary so much.
First of all, we reduce natural materials such as very heavy and expensive wool, horse tail hair, etc., and use high-quality imported latex and mini springs to achieve this elasticity and softness.Secondly, the edges of our mattresses are sewn by machine, which greatly increases the production and reduces the labor cost compared with the hand sewn by British craftsmen for several days and nights.There is no ambiguity in the key manual fastening process, so this adjustment won't have much effect on the feeling of sleep.
In terms of softness and hardness, people of different weights were allowed to try to sleep, which would not be too soft. It was adjusted to the hardness that Chinese people were used to, which was slightly soft, but with high elasticity and compactness.
So this is a handmade mattress that takes advantage of the domestic supply chain and matches the Chinese people's own sleeping habits.In the home, it is very difficult to find the mattess that has craft of pure hand pull button again, solid and solid configuration.
The manual mattress this time can accept size reservation (size range within 2m*2m and within), and the pre-sale time is 35 days.The size of the package is 1.5/1.8*m*2.0m*30cm of the whole mattress. There is no roll-up.
And buy free waterproof mattress cover, and a set of Egyptian cotton four-piece set.