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Should I tear the plastic film on the mattress? So there is so much attention

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Should I tear the plastic film on the mattress? So there is so much attention

Should I tear the plastic film on the mattress? So there is so much attention
Many people think that a newly bought mattress can keep the mattress like a new one without removing the plastic film, but it is wrong.

That will not only shorten the life of the mattress,
Make the mattress very uncomfortable,
The most important thing is harmful to human health!

In fact, that layer of film is just the protective film of the outer packaging, which protects the mattress from being soiled before being sold or during transportation. Just like when we buy other products or food, supplies, etc., how can we use them without unpacking them?

The cost of this kind of film is very low, remember to tear off the mattress after you buy it home!

Only by tearing off the film, will it be able to breathe, the moisture emitted by the body, the heat will be absorbed by the mattress, and the mattress can also radiate the moisture into the air when not in use.

If you don’t tear off the film, you can’t breathe and absorb moisture. If you sleep for a long time, the bed will feel damp, and because the mattress itself is not breathable, it is more likely to get moldy and breed bacteria and mites.

Long-term exposure to moisture will make the internal structure of the mattress rusty, squeak when you turn over, and the smell of plastic is bad for the respiratory system.

According to the data, the human body drains about one liter of water through sweat glands. If you sleep on a mattress covered with a plastic cloth, the moisture will not go down, but will adhere to the mattress and bed sheets and cover the human body. People are uncomfortable, and the frequency of turning over during sleep increases, which affects the quality of sleep.

If you carefully observe the spring mattresses currently on the market, we will find that many cushions have three or four holes on the side, which are also vents. Why are these small holes included in the manufacturer's design? It is undoubtedly considered from the quality of human sleep. If consumers do not even tear off the plastic cloth, the manufacturer's efforts will be wasted.

Recommendations for maintaining the mattress

1. Flip regularly

During the first year of purchase of the new mattress, the front and back, left and right, or corners of the new mattress should be rotated once every 2 to 3 months to make the mattress spring uniformly stressed, and then it can be turned about once every six months.

2. Keep it clean

It is necessary to do a good job in the sanitation of bedding and dry it frequently.

If the mattress is stained, you can use toilet paper or cloth to absorb the moisture. Do not wash it with water or detergent.

Avoid lying in bed after taking a shower or sweating, let alone using electrical appliances or smoking in bed.

3. Don't sit on the edge or corner of the bed often

Because the four corners of the mattress are the most fragile, sitting and lying on the edge of the bed for a long time can easily damage the edge springs prematurely.