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Choose the foam bedroom mattress like this, sleep well every night

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Choose the foam bedroom mattress like this, sleep well every night

Choose the foam bedroom mattress like this, sleep well every night
About 1/3 of my life is spent in bed, and the foam bedding mattress is one of our closest friends.
A good foam bed mattress price not only brings good sleep, but also benefits the lower back and spine.
How to choose a good foam bed double mattress?
Is a foam and memory foam mattress as soft as a cloud a good foam and mattress?
When sleeping, no matter supine or lateral, the muscles around the spine will exert force to maintain a certain amount of support. Materials such as sponges are too soft to provide sufficient support for the body, so there will be backache when you wake up feel.
Is a foam and latex mattress as hard as a floor a good floor use foam mattress?
When the body surface touches the harder bed board, the more protruding parts of the body will bear all the pressure of the body like a "bracket". Over time, it will affect the blood circulation, causing frequent turnover of sleep, and the quality of sleep is greatly reduced.
So what is a good floor foam mattress?
What five stars hotel gel memory foam mattress is best
Regarding the standard of a good european foam mattress, there is a nine-character mantra:
Not soft or hard
Have enough support
The so-called not soft or hard is to avoid the two extremes of sponge, sofa cushion or hard bed board, and choose a soft and moderate euro top memory foam mattress.
Sufficient support means that the euro top foam mattress should keep the spine level when sleeping on the side of the human body, and support the weight of the whole body on average when sleeping on the back. Among them, the most need to support is the relatively weak waist.
There are currently four types of easy sleep foam mattresses on the market: spring easy roll up foam mattresses, palm dreamland memory foam mattresses, foam dream memory foam mattresses and latex dream foam mattresses. We analyze these double size foam mattresses with a picture.
4 ways to choose a good double pillow top foam mattress
Choosing the right double gel memory foam mattress is not enough. The following 4 methods teach you how to choose a good double foam mattress.
1. Is it comfortable to touch the double bed memory foam mattress?
Touching the discount memory foam mattress is not to touch the girl, but pay attention to these points when touching:
The wiring on the fabric should be tight and consistent, without wrinkles, jumpers, etc.
The edges of the discount foam mattress are evenly rounded, without burrs
Heavy pressure on the d40 foam mattress, there is no friction inside, and the feel is very comfortable
2. Smell the bladder for any irritating smell
Open the zipper to check the inner liner of the customize foam mattress, and smell if the smell of the inner liner is pungent.
3. Lie down to see if it fits your body
Many merchants now recommend to experience the custom memory foam mattress in person, then lie down and sleep for ten minutes.
If this cooling memory foam mattress has good resilience and fits the body curve, then there is nothing wrong with it!
If the double cooling gel memory foam mattress, one person will not feel the shaking of the cool night memory foam mattress when one person rolls over, it is even better.
4. See if there is "China Environmental Label"
We will consider the environmental protection of decoration materials or furniture when decorating, but few people pay attention to the environmental protection of cool memory foam mattresses. If the cool gel memory foam royal mattress is not environmentally friendly, it directly threatens its own safety!
The most direct inspection method is to request the "China Environmental Label Certification".
In addition, cool foam mattresses with zero formaldehyde content do not exist, and any furniture material contains more or less formaldehyde. But as long as the formaldehyde content of the comprses foam mattress meets the standard and is far below the national standard, it is a good compressed roll up memory foam mattress.
Seeing this, I believe my friends should be able to find a good compressed memory foam mattress in a box for them. However, it is rumored that "send Buddha to the west", the old editor also compiled a simple list of compressed medical foam bed mattresses for everyone, you can choose the compressed foam mattress in a box that suits you according to your own preferences.