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Change the mattress, my old waist is saved

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Change the mattress, my old waist is saved

Change the mattress, my old waist is saved
Today, a living museum wants to recommend you a sleeping artifact-latex compress rolled memory foam mattress,

The compress rollable memory foam mattress at home is not comfortable enough? No need to replace it, just add another layer of latex pad on it, the comfort will be doubled immediately!
Ask the photographer in the Living Museum to try to sleep. He usually works hard, and his waist is often sore during the day.

As soon as he lay down, he immediately said that it felt much softer than the original compress rollable foam mattress, but it was soft and not collapsed, and the support was particularly good, especially in the waist. I had never had such a firm pillow.

Not only did the body relax, he fell asleep quickly, and his backache was also greatly relieved after waking up.
Why can't the original compress roll gel memory foam mattress do this?

Because the structure of a general spring compress memory mattress foam is like this, the main body is a large spring, and there is a comfortable layer on the spring. The comfort layer is generally filled with fibers or sponges, and it can't fit 100% of the body with "concave and convex".

When you sleep, you will feel that only the raised parts of the pelvis, shoulders, buttocks can really "sleep to bed", and the waist is empty.

For those who are usually tired from work and often have backache, they will obviously feel that the waist support is not enough, it is difficult to fall asleep, and the fatigue of the body after waking up is not well relieved.
The latex pad is comfortable, mainly because it fits the body curve better and has a larger area of ​​contact with the body.

Sleeping is like lying in a mold made according to your body. Your shoulders, back, waist, and hips are firmly supported in every place.

Stress is no longer concentrated in a few raised points, but is dispersed, people can completely relax and quickly enter high-quality sleep.
Whether lying down, sleeping on your side, or lying on your stomach, you can be comfortable from head to toe regardless of your sleeping position.

Colleagues didn't want to sleep at all and shouted comfortably.
The latex pad has three heights: 5cm, 7.5cm and 10cm.

5cm and 7.5cm, suitable as a "pad on pad", added to the original compress memory foam twin mattress.

10cm can be used as a compress memory foam mattress alone, suitable for a tatami-style bedroom, placed on the ground, or directly placed on the hardboard bed frame.
There is a slight difference in sleep between 5cm and 7.5cm.

5cm, after adding, you can obviously feel the compress memory foam mattress and body fit better, but because it is thinner, the overall hardness and resilience of the bed will be similar to the original.

It is suitable for people who prefer to sleep on hard beds and girls and teenagers with lighter weight.
Everyone tried it at 7.5cm, and they all felt that the change was more obvious than that of 5cm.

Not only does the compress memory foam bed mattress fit the body better, but the overall feeling is that the bed has also become a lot softer. When you roll over, the rebound of the compress gel memory foam mattress is softer and more delicate.

Most people will find it very comfortable to use.
Each height has two sizes:

Suitable for 1.5m bed, the tile size is: 200 × 150cm.

Suitable for 1.8m bed, the tile size is: 200 × 180cm.