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After sleeping on a latex mattress once, I found that I had fallen asleep for decades!

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-30
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After sleeping on a latex mattress once, I found that I had fallen asleep for decades!

After sleeping on a latex mattress once, I found that I had fallen asleep for decades!
People spend about 1/3 of their lives in bed, and the buy single mattress is one of our closest friends. A good buy sponge mattress not only brings good sleep, but also benefits the lower back and spine.
How to choose a good buy twin bed mattress?
After continuous experimentation, the latex buy twin mattress has a better sleeping experience!
In fact, everyone knows that the latex buy twin size mattress is good, it is soft and hard, breathable and anti-mite, and it sleeps on the hard bed, (not everyone is suitable for hard beds, I will tell you why later)
It is not easy to be moldy like ordinary cal king mattresses. It is especially suitable for people with poor sleep quality, soreness in getting up, or office workers and elders with shoulders, necks and waists.
However, the prices of latex cal-king mattresses on the market vary, and there are hundreds to tens of thousands of them on major websites, which makes people dare not start; it is too troublesome to come back from the back of foreigners. Which one is really good? What about latex california king foam mattresses?
After we got the sample and tried it, we found that it was indeed selected by the five-star hotel!
This california king mattress size is soft and elastic, it won't collapse at all, especially the waist fits perfectly, like it is firmly supported by a pair of big hands, how to lie without bones, lying flat, sleeping sideways It can relax the spine, relax the body, sleep until dawn, and feel no backache when getting up.
Behind the seemingly simple sense of sleep, there is learning. People who know how to know, look at the quality of latex california king size mattresses, there are three elements of raw materials, technology and brand.
This certipur-us mattress is added with 93% Thai latex (to ensure the formation of the cfr1633 mattress and moderate softness and hardness, the so-called 100% latex products do not exist), and is made by the mature Dunlop process, the thickness is 5cm, Sleep soundly and unrestrained.
Ammonia removal, mixing, fine grinding, foaming, injection molding, vulcanization, cooling, dehydration, washing, drying, trimming, packaging.
As a manufacturer of latex products with its own 200-meter production line, authenticity and quality can be guaranteed from the source.
The most important thing is that there is no middleman to make the difference in own brand! 93% latex mattress + 3cm + spring mattress, more than six thousand.
The latex mattress is not too conscience, the relief thickness of 5cm, 1.5m*2m, only 1199 yuan; 1.8m*2m, only 1299 yuan!
This is also a special price for fans that we have been grinding with the brand for a long time. It is purely recommended after I have used it, but also to thank the fans who have always supported me. Say nothing, this price is very cost-effective to buy with your eyes closed!