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mattress, you sterilization?

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-04
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mattress, you sterilization?

Every day disinfection sterilization, this everyday close contact mattress, you sterilization?

Whether it's the instant pleasure of bouncing back into bed after a tired day at home, or the soft feeling beneath you when you fall into a soft bed in the morning and turn off the alarm.

So the choice good mattess can have more comfortable morpheus environment not only, still can protect human body spine, have effective health care effect.But many people also feedback and complain that mattress "life" is not long.

So have such a kind of mattess, clean convenient, fight bacterium sanitation, can increase service life effectively, safeguard safety, rest assured good sleep 10 years above?

Diglant brown pad natural selection, new super technology, antibacterial and disease prevention, compression durability, three highlights to meet all your expectations for the non latex mattress.

Window one:

Three-fold full disassembly design, simple, convenient and sanitary, cleaning at any time, ten years as a day, or the original appearance.

Highlight 2:

Green environmental protection no harm, reject glue, absolute skin-friendly natural coconut brown as the main material, Bamboo natural Bamboo fiber fabric and high breathable cotton fabric, formaldehyde release does not exceed the standard, not easy to breed bacteria also has a strong ability to remove moisture, especially for the south easy to tide, simply solved a big problem.

Point three:

Three-dimensional network structure, not easy to collapse deformation, can alleviate the damage caused by deformation, prolong the use cycle.Even better, the Diglant brown pad USES a high temperature hot pressing process to overturn the traditional pocket spring mattress king size design for comfort in a warm winter.

So don't envy the durable of others mattess again, more don't credulous "mattess becomes consumable article", self-confidence a bit, take out Diglant palm mat, let them see what call platoon face, what is the mattess that modern ought to choose.

Life may be difficult, but Diglant brown pad wants to give you even a moment of light and happy and lazy.