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Young people are stressed and often suffer from insomnia. Buy a comfortable mattress

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Young people are stressed and often suffer from insomnia. Buy a comfortable mattress

Young people are stressed and often suffer from insomnia. Buy a comfortable compress spring mattress factory that is durable and not easily deformed.
A good rest will give you enough energy to study, work and do things. A comfortable compress wholesale best sell spring mattress is an important prerequisite for a good and healthy sleep. So next I will do the homework of making compress wholesale best sell spring mattress factory es with you, and answer questions about various compressed 7-zone pocket spring mattress sizes, types of continuous spring africa mattresses, continuous spring mattress hardness, how to choose, etc. one by one.
I. Standard sizes of different types of cool spring mattresses
1. Single couples spring mattress 120cm wide, 110cm, 100cm wide, 200cm long, 190cm, 210cm, 195cm long.
2. Double bed cushion 200cm, 180cm, 1500cm wide, 220cm, 200cm, 210cm, 1900cm long.
3. Round customized size bonnell spring mattresses Approximate diameter: 186cm, 212.5cm, 242.4cm.
4. Baby distributor spring mattress is about 1m ~ 1.2m long and 0.65m ~ 0.75m wide.
5. Children's double bed spring mattress pricees are 90 * 190cm, 120 * 190cm, 190 * 150cm.
6. Imported double euro top pocket spring mattresses Imported double foldable spring mattresses are relatively special types of double layer spring mattresses. The size of the double pillow top mattress springes differs greatly from the size of domestic double pillow top pocket spring mattresses. Generally, the size of imported double pocket coil spring mattresses we come in contact with is 203.0cm * 193.0cm * 32cm, 203.0 cm * 153.0cm * 32cm.
7. Inflatable double pocket spring mattress for bedroomes Inflatable double size spring bedroom mattresses are often used when camping or outing in the wild. The sizes of common inflatable double spring mattresseses are 190 * 100cm, 190 * 137cm, 200 * 152cm, 200 * 180cm.
Second, the dream sleep spring mattress type science
1. Sunflower easy sleep spring mattress This economic spring mattress is a modern and avant-garde economical spring type mattress, and the price is relatively high. The raw materials are refined from natural sunflower oil, which is safe and environmentally friendly. The overall support structure uses a honeycomb tube design, so it has good air permeability and strong antibacterial properties. As we all know, the honeycomb structure is one of the tightest and strongest structures in nature, so its elegant spring mattress has good stability. It is durable and difficult to deform.
2. Palm euro pillow top spring mattress is made of palm fiber. Generally, the euro pocket spring mattress is hard or slightly soft. The euro style spring mattress is relatively low in price, has a natural palm odor when used, has poor durability, is prone to collapse and deformation, has poor support performance, is difficult to maintain, and is prone to moth or mold.
3. Latex euro top hotel spring mattresses Latex euro top latex spring mattresses are foamed euro top mattress pocket springes made of latex juice through a special process. The characteristics of latex euro top spring mattresses, the surface is soft and comfortable, the skin feels comfortable, and it fits the body curve more easily. Lying on a latex europe style pocket spring mattress, the hips and upper back are moderately sunken, so that the waist fits the factory price spring mattress fully. The flexible properties of latex foam and spring mattresses first come from the raw material itself. At the same time breathability is also one of its biggest advantages, focusing on one of the recommended household items.
4. Memory foam foam encased pocket spring mattress Memory foam foam king coil pocket spring mattress is characterized by being softened and fit to the human body when it is "covered" by body temperature. Similar to latex foam mattress spring mattresses, high-end memory foam foam or spring mattresses can highly fit the body curve and provide uniform and comfortable support for the human body.
5. Sponge foam pocket coil spring mattresses Compared to sponge foam pocket spring mattresses, spring gel memory foam pocket spring mattresses are more supportive and breathable. Supportability depends on the selected spring hardness, which can also be selected according to personal preference. The air permeability is strong because the gaps between the springs are particularly large, which is conducive to the circulation of air. However, the spring gel memory foam spring mattress also has defects. It can also make the neck or waist in a tense state, and long-term use is also harmful to health.
6. Down gel memory spring mattresses Down gel spring mattresses are, as the name implies, gold supplier china factory spring mattresses filled with down. This kind of down is also very high, similar to a down jacket, there are many 550 ponts, and some can even reach thousands of ponts. Therefore, the down good night pocket spring mattress is soft and soft, which makes people feel like they are in the clouds. As mentioned earlier, latex good price spring mattress wholesalees are not soft but elastic, so down good spring mattresses are really soft.
Third, the hard spring mattress is hard or soft
For adults with bones in place, the harder the healthy spring mattress is, the better. Because the human body is uneven, whether on the side or back, the shoulders, back, lumbar spine, pelvis, knees, calves, and ankles are not on a flat surface. Lying on a sturdy high density hotel spring mattress, the stress on all parts of the body is uneven. When lying down, the head, back, hips, and heels are subject to major pressure, but the waist is not sufficiently supported, and the spine and back muscles are in tension status. When lying sideways, the emptiness of the waist can also cause the spine to bend unnaturally.
The high quality pocket spring mattress is too soft to support the waist. In the long run, it will cause lumbar disc herniation and lumbar muscle strain. We have personally experienced that when we sleep in a too soft bed the next day we get back pain.
Fourth, the high quality spring coil mattress purchase tips
1. Pay attention to the environmental protection of high quality spring mattresses After basic sleep needs are met, health has become a topic of most concern to people. Humans spend one-third of their time in bed. Having a comfortable and healthy hot sale inner spring mattress is vital to human health. Many companies ignore the importance of product quality, resulting in excessive levels of formaldehyde and other harmful elements in hot sale spring mattresses. Cases are common.
2. The easiest way to personally test the softness test hotel bed and pocket spring mattress is to lie on your back with your hands extended to the three clearly curved places between the neck, waist and hips to the thighs to see if there are gaps; Turn over to one side and try the same method to see if there is a gap between the concave part of the body curve and the hotel bed pocket coil spring mattress. If not, it proves that the hotel bed spring mattress and the neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs The natural curve fits well, so the hotel bonnell spring bed mattress can be said to be soft and hard.
There are now hotel box spring and mattresses of various materials such as spring pads, latex pads, palm pads, memory foam, etc. In fact, each hotel box spring bed mattress has different advantages, and there are two criteria for evaluating a good 5 pad: one is No matter what kind of sleeping position a person is in, the spine can maintain quality and stretch; the second is that the pressure is equal, and the person can fully relax when lying on it.