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Why use a spinal mattress?

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-24
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Why use a spinal mattress?

Why use a spinal mattress?

So how do we predict and solve these problems?

Besides our daily life and work, we should pay attention to our posture, especially when using electronic products such as mobile phones.Then there's the importance of sleep time -- after all, we spend a third of our waking hours watching TV.Sleeping in the wrong position can also cause problems in the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

It is recommended that everyone take their sleeping position seriously - not necessarily in a hard bed.Just think, let you sleep on the SLATE for a long time, if you like the following kind of lying like a bow to sleep, it is not difficult to think, in the long run, what will become of the spine

Obviously, this position corrects the spine, especially the cervical spine.Because you can sleep on your back, it's easy to hold on.Generally a correction of three hours or so, a day can be carried out twice, after the completion of the habit of sending on the pillow can be filled in, can be used as an ordinary twin bed mattress.Therefore, the modern use of a ridge mattress is still very necessary, especially for those who lack exercise time, the use of a ridge latex free mattress is more necessary.