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Why do you get tired as you sleep?

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Why do you get tired as you sleep?

Why do you get tired as you sleep? You didn’t choose the right mattress!
For 24 hours a day, we spend almost 1/3 of our time in bed (not only sleeping, but also in bed using mobile phones and watching TV dramas).
It can be said that the comfort of a queen mattress prices is closely related to the health of the bones and the quality of life.
The queen mattress only is uncomfortable, it is likely to cause low back pain, affect the hip and knee joints, and even change the overall posture.
When a person grows up and learns to raise his head, sit up, and walk, he will gradually form four physiological curvatures of the spine. They are cervical curvature, lumbar curvature, chest curvature, and sacral curvature.
Physiological curvature can stabilize the position of internal organs and buffer the impulse of exercise on the spine. After the physiological curvature is stabilized, the surrounding muscles will form a protective mechanism to stabilize the normal physiological curve.
If you maintain a bad posture for a long time, such as lowering your head and brushing your phone, sitting for a long time, etc., it will cause an imbalance in the muscles around the cervical and lumbar spine.
The various muscles of the human body do not work alone, but interact. One pulls forward and the other pushes backwards to maintain the stability of the bones.
When bending the waist for a long time, one side is tense for a long time, and one side is loose for a long time, which will not only cause inflammation of the hyperextensive muscles, but also cause degenerative lesions of the bone tissue (such as wear, dislocation, intervertebral disc herniation, etc.), resulting in pain feel. In severe cases, when the spinal cord is compressed, there will be leg numbness and severe pain.
The old man often said, "Sleeping in a hard bed is good for the waist, but not in a soft bed!" Does it make sense?
Everyone's spine condition is different, and we cannot generalize. But overall, the soft bed does have a more obvious negative impact on the waist. We analyze the degree of support of the queen latex mattress on the neck, shoulder, waist and hip when the person is sleeping on the side (picture below).
Soft bed: The human body is in a sunken state, and all parts are attached to the queen king mattress, which has a feeling of wrapping and sleeps well. But from a mechanical point of view, the neck curve is supported by pillows and is not affected. However, the chest, waist, and hips cannot be strongly supported. At this time, in order to maintain the physiological curvature, the muscles must use extra power to lift the body.
This night, the muscles that should have been resting after get off work had to work overtime all the time, and naturally they would be tired and sore. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is back pain when waking up.
Hardboard bed: That's too soft. The hardboard bed is hard enough. Is it good for the waist?
no. Because of the rigid bed, it panicked~~
When sleeping, the muscles should rest and the bones should stretch. On a rigid board bed, the shoulders, hips, and feet become stress points, but the waist is suspended.
This leads to the pressure on the stress point being too severe, the blood circulation is blocked, and the suspended place, the muscles can not get off work because of the strong support alone~ So the next day, the shoulders will hurt and the waist will be sore.
If things go on like this, excessive distortion of the spine can cause more serious bone disease.
A suitable queen deep sleep mattress should provide good support for the shoulders, hips, and feet, and ensure that the body is parallel to the queen cheap sponge mattress and not sunken. At the same time, it forms a certain buffering effect to help the muscles relax.
1. Choose according to weight
For people with heavier weight, it is recommended to choose a harder bed, while for people who are thin, you can choose a softer queen beds furniture. The principle is that thin people need more fit to relax their bones. People with a larger weight base put more pressure on the queen bed mattress size and need a queen bed mattress sale with stronger support.
2. Pregnant women
Pregnant women are in a special period, especially in the third trimester, the burden on the waist + belly is very large, and there are inherently anterior pelvic and waist pain. A bed that is too soft does not support the waist and will further aggravate back pain.
At the same time, the stability of the pelvis of pregnant women is reduced, and the ligaments are more relaxed than usual. When turning over and getting up on a soft bed, the body sinks and requires more strenuous support, which is not good for the pelvis.
Of course, if you replace the queen bed mattress cheap during pregnancy, you must strictly select environmentally friendly materials and avoid queen bed mattresses with inferior glue to protect the safety of mothers and babies.
3. Youth
Children in the period of growth and development have incomplete bone development and need good support to avoid lumbar dysplasia and scoliosis.
Also because of the rapid development of bones during the growth period, the development speed of lateral bending will be aggravated. When it is discovered, it may already have a certain degree of severity. Therefore, parents must pay attention and prevent early.
If there has been a side curve, you need to listen to the doctor's advice according to the type of side curve. For example, S-shaped scoliosis (such as thoracic spine bending to the left and lumbar spine bending to the right at the same time), you must lie flat on a hard bed.
4. Elderly people and people with lumbar disc herniation
The spine of the elderly is dehydrated, brittle and degenerated with age. The soft bed does not support the waist enough, which will accelerate inflammation and degeneration. Therefore, the elderly should sleep on a hard bed.
People with degenerated or even herniated lumbar intervertebral discs have to sleep on hard beds. The bones are already at an incorrect physiological curvature. Sleeping on a soft bed will only aggravate the condition.
1. Judgment of hardness
From the material point of view, the hardness of palm mattresses is generally better, while latex is relatively softer. At the same time, different thicknesses will also affect the hardness, so it is safest to try it on site.
During the test, first lie flat on the mattress, put your hands toward the neck, waist, hips and between the thighs to see if there is any gap in the three obvious bends. Then lie sideways on the mattress and check whether there is a gap between the sunken part of the body and the mattress.
If the gap is large, the mattress is too hard, if the gap is not obvious, it proves more appropriate.
Of course, many mattresses are now in the form of palm on one side and latex on the other. Side A is used for soft beds and side B for hard beds.
2. Good supporting capacity
The ideal thickness of a spring mattress is 12-18 cm. And palm mattress, the thicker it may be, the harder it will be. When selecting, it should be based on the separation of materials.
If the bed is already very hard, you can put a mattress on it for relief.
After sleeping for a long time, the hardness and supporting force of some mattresses will decrease, and even partial depression will occur. You can turn the mattress over to see if it improves.
If there is still significant collapse, it is best to replace it with a new mattress. Roughness, tilt, etc. will cause back pain.
At the same time, regular mattress cleaning to eliminate mites will be more beneficial to health.
For people with low back pain, you can put a small pillow in the waist to increase the support of the waist.
For those who have pain due to anterior pelvic tilt, you can put a pillow on the thigh to improve the curvature and relieve the pain.
When sleeping on the side, put a pillow between the thighs, the legs are raised, the pressure and torsion of the spine are reduced, which is more conducive to protecting the health of the spine.
Arch bridge (five-point support)
Friends with lumbar muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation can do some arch bridge (five-point support) and Xiaoyanfei (prone on the ground, raise the head, and raise the back of both hands) to strengthen the muscle strength of the waist and increase the stability of the spine. Relieve inflammation.
From a biomechanical point of view, the support of a soft bed to the waist is not as good as a hard bed, so adolescents, the elderly and friends with poor waist are recommended to choose a hard bed.
But sleeping on a hard bed does not mean that the harder the better, it still needs a certain fit to help the muscles and bones to relax fully during sleep.
Of course, everyone has different sleeping habits. You can choose a suitable mattress according to your own situation. I hope you can also have a baby-like sleep~!