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What do you learn about buying a mattress?

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What do you learn about buying a mattress?

What do you learn about buying a mattress?
Debunk 3 big lies, 4 tricks to teach you to choose the spring well import mattress that suits you
Normally, each person spends almost one third of their time in bed. The spring well mattress is undoubtedly one of the furniture that accompanies you the longest. But the wonderful thing is that so far, of the four major spring xxxn mattress categories, only palm springs for mattresses have a national standard. The oldest spring standard high spring mattress has only one light industry standard. As for latex and foam super spring mattresses, there is currently no unified standard. The lack of authoritative standards has led to the prevalence of lies in the the best spring mattress market, and everyone is at a loss when choosing a thin spring mattress.
Today, Xiaoyou will take you to expose the three most popular lies in the think pillow top spring mattress industry, and share 4 methods that can quickly and easily make a basic judgment on the quality of the tight top mattress spring bonnell. 1. Debunk 3 big lies about the tight top pocket spring mattress [lie 1]: the hard tight top spring mattress is more beneficial to health, especially for the elderly and children and other special groups. The fact is: for any group of people, whether it is a hard or soft top quality pocket spring mattress is not conducive to health, and a soft and moderate top selling pocket spring mattress is suitable for any group of people. When a person is sleeping, it is also a process of physical relaxation. Because of the curve of the human body, no matter whether it is lying on the back or sleeping on the side, the whole body cannot be on the same plane. Therefore, a soft and hard top spring mattress is required to form an effective support for the human body according to the human body curve. If the traditional spring mattress is too hard, it cannot effectively support the entire body, causing only a few protruding parts of the human body to be stressed. First, it is very uncomfortable and cannot effectively relieve fatigue. Secondly, it will cause the spine to deform. Thirdly, the stressed part is too stressed, which is not conducive to blood circulation. When the twin mattress and box spring is too soft, the human body will sink deeply into the two layers spring mattress, causing the used mattress springs to squeeze the human body, which is also not conducive to heat dissipation. In addition, due to the uneven weight distribution of the human body, the waist and abdomen have the heaviest weight, which will cause the waist and abdomen to sag downward. One will also cause the spine to deform, and the other will squeeze the internal organs.
Especially for the elderly with relatively loose bones and children who are growing their body, the spine [lie 2]: expensive vaccum packed pocket spring mattresses or vacuum compressed  packed pocket spring mattresses with so-called health care functions are more conducive to good health. The fact is: vacuum pack rolled pocket spring mattresses are furniture that allows people to relax comfortably at rest. As long as they are regular and qualified vacuum packed mattress pocket springes, performance will not be much different, and various so-called health care functions are even more unreliable. For each of the four major categories of vacuum packed spring mattresses, the basic structure and materials are similar. For example, spring vacuum packing coil spring mattresses and palm vacuum packing pocket spring mattresses are generally composed of a surface layer, a comfortable filling layer and a supporting layer.
Spring warranty spring mattress
Palm wholesale best price spring mattress
The latex and foam wholesale bonnell spring mattresses are both a comfortable filling layer and a support layer, so they generally only have two layers, the inner layer and the surface layer.
Latex wholesale pocket spring mattress
Sponge wholesale promotion  spring mattresses do not deny that differences in material selection, design and quality will cause reasonable differences in wholesale spring latex mattress prices. But the so-called sky-high wholesale spring mattresses, which move hundreds of thousands of people, are definitely the culprit of treating consumers as adults and having a lot of money. In fact, the wholesale spring mattress price is also the most opaque and shady category of all furniture! (If you are rich and self-willed, please dismiss the wholesale used bonnell spring mattress as a luxury product.) Healthy and environmentally friendly wholesale used spring mattresses that allow people to rest and relax effectively are the best wholesale vacuum compress spring mattresses for your health. [Lie 3]: Palm wholesale visco spring mattresses are made from natural materials, so they are the most healthy and environmentally friendly zone pocket spring for mattresses. The fact is: Palm zone pocket spring mattresses are made from natural organic materials. If they are not properly maintained, they can easily breed parasites of mites and cause skin allergies and other diseases.
On the one hand, some palm zoned pocket spring companies attack latex and foam as chemical products, which will affect their health. On the other hand, they point out that metals such as springs in spring 10 inch gel memory foam mattresses will disturb the magnetic field of the human body and are not conducive to health. It seems that only palm 10 inch memory foam mattresses are the most environmentally friendly and healthy. In fact, in order to ensure the basic comfort of the human body, palm 10 inch memory foam mattress hybrides also use latex and foam in the filling layer. The so-called metal will disturb the magnetic field of the human body is more nonsense. I don't believe how much of the current bed frame does not use metal connectors. Instead, palm itself, as a natural organic substance, requires consumers to pay more attention to the selection and maintenance of how to effectively suppress the growth of parasites. 2.4 Methods to Choose the 10 inch memory foam mattress in a box Suitable for You Generally speaking, there are 4 criteria to judge whether a 10 inch thick memory foam mattress is good or bad. One is comfort. The softness and hardness are moderate, and the comfortable filling layer should not be less than 2cm, which can effectively support the human body.
The second is safety. The materials are safe and environmentally friendly, the structure is reasonable, and the release of harmful gases such as formaldehyde is within the safe range. The third is breathable. It can quickly and effectively discharge the waste gas discharged from human skin, which is beneficial to skin breathing. The fourth is hygiene. It is not easy to breed parasites that are not conducive to human health, and heavy metals in printed and dyed fabrics are not easy to precipitate. As a general consumer, you cannot completely disassemble the 10 memory foam mattress to view the internal structure and fillers when purchasing, nor can you identify it through a long experience. How can we make a basic judgment quickly and effectively? Here are 4 simple and quick judgment methods. The first move: dip. Use your fingertips to dip the water and dip it on the surface fabric of the 10 memory foam mattress queen to see if it fades easily. If the printed fabric is easy to fade, it means that the heavy metals of the dye are easy to get on the skin and affect the health. Secondly, it also shows that the 100 latex foam mattress is not well-selected. Of course, the process of staining is also a process of touching. How to make fabrics and fabrics knows well.
The second measure: smell.
The new 100% latex foam mattress should pay attention to smell any special smell. If it is the light fragrance of palm shreds or the milky fragrance of latex, this is normal. If the smell of glue is too strong, beware of harmful gases.
The third measure: shoot.
Select multiple parts of the 100% natural latex foam mattress, especially a few corners, and tap hard. One is to feel the elasticity of the 10\" memory foam mattress, too bad elasticity is certainly not comfortable enough. The second is to feel the breathability of the 10cm foam mattress. If you can feel the wind passing through the palm when shooting, it means that the breathability is good.
The fourth measure: lying down.
When you buy a 10 inch memory foam mattress, you must try lying on the 12 inch gel memory foam mattress for more than 10 minutes, so that you can basically judge whether the 12 inch memory foam mattress is suitable for you.
Generally speaking, the overweight person can pick a certain 12 inch memory foam spring mattress, one is because the body weight is relatively large, and the other is because there is a certain fat layer, the softness and hardness can be adjusted. Thinner people should pick a little softer, otherwise there will be a feeling of ribs when sleeping on it. What does it mean to be moderately soft and hard? You can try the two sleeping positions of supine and sideways separately, and use your hands to test the rest of the curved parts of the back neck, waist and knees. If there is no rest, but the hand can be extended relatively easily. Moderately soft and hard. If there is a spare position, it means that it is hard. If there is no spare position and the hand needs to be reached, it is more laborious, which means that it is soft.