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What are the specific criteria for choosing a good mattress?

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What are the specific criteria for choosing a good mattress?

What are the specific criteria for choosing a good mattress?
Experts reminded that when buying a pillow top orthopedic mattress, you should "look at the price, second, look at the packaging, third, smell the smell, and lie down and try to sleep."
"Look at the price", the basis for judging the quality of pillow top mattress queenes
For an ordinary big bed, regardless of the material, the raw materials and production cost are at least about 500 yuan. If it is lower than this price, it is basically a harmful pillow top mattress pillow top queen. Because merchants will never do business at a loss, so don't cause troubles because of greed for temporary gains.
"Second look at the packaging", check whether it is a three-free product
When buying a pillow top mattress memory, it is best to choose products from a formal manufacturer, because the products of a formal manufacturer often represent high quality and good after-sales service. Therefore, when purchasing a pillow top mattress hotel bed, be sure to carefully check the logo on the product packaging, and confirm the product name, product standard number, manufacturer name, and origin trademark specification level on the logo. Be sure to pay attention to the pillow top mattress hoteles on the market that do not have a factory name, factory address, and registered trademark, because most of those are inferior, low-priced, fake and inferior products.
"Three smells", whether there is a pungent smell
Some unqualified inferior pillow top king size mattresses generally emit a pungent smell containing formaldehyde pollution. In addition, if the pillow top hotel mattress is filled with some unqualified soft materials, mildew or rot will also occur, causing excessive microbes and unpleasant odors, so this step is essential.
"Four lie down and try to sleep", feel comfortable
When buying a pillow top hotel bed mattress, first touch the fabric of the pillow top double mattress with your hands to feel the smoothness and softness of the fabric. Press the surface of the mattress with your hands to feel the internal friction and resilience. Then try to lie down in person and change various comfortable sleeping positions. If you feel that your waist is hanging in the air, it means that the mattress is too hard and cannot support the lumbar spine; if the body is obviously sunken, it means that the mattress is too soft and lacks support, making it easy to sleep for a long time. Feeling tired and unable to achieve a real relaxing effect. A good mattress is of moderate hardness and conforms to the principle of ergonomics. It can not only fit the human body closely, but also give the human body a moderate support.
In fact, the most important thing to buy is the quality and quality of the product. Using safe products is our true pursuit. From the source to the production process, brand packaging design, fabric selection, and professional after-sales department, there are extremely sufficient guarantees. Choose environmentally friendly and pollution-free high-quality raw materials, and successfully pass various national safety verifications, without worrying about harm to human health.
In addition to improving sleep, a good mattress can also relieve the fatigue caused by intense work all day, and relax the body and mind. On the contrary, a low-quality mattress can not achieve the purpose of rest continuously, and the harm caused is extremely harmful to the body. Therefore, everyone should be more cautious, and don't choose low-quality mattresses that are seriously polluted by formaldehyde because they are cheap, which will endanger the health of yourself and your family.