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What are the high star hotel and bed standards?

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What are the high star hotel and bed standards?

What are the high star hotel  and bed standards?

People on the run outside, back to the hotel most want is a comfortable bed, a good sleep, and the  directly determines the comfort of sleep.

The  of the hotel had better choose soft hard moderate 8 memory foam mattress, suit to the person that requests to morpheus quality tall will use, and appearance above requirement vogue, comfortable, accord with human body engineering.The components of the hotel mattress demand is five areas of bag spring, such a structure can reduce the resonance between the springs in the custom memory foam mattress a lot, the springs between each bag will not affect each other, can fully reduce the vibration of the 6 memory foam mattress, effectively reduce the fatigue of the human body.Use above the cloth of the surface, want to choose cloth firm, modelling beautiful, decorative pattern elegant cloth.The indian cotton mattress of the hotel is thicker commonly, flexibility is bigger, sleep above can feel apparent softness and comfortable, and the pressure that the spring place suffers inside also is very big, can bear the weight of a few people, so sleep a person or two people need not worry completely

High-star hotel bed products and civilian bed products are different, the hotel is mainly used 80-100s above bed products, civilian products generally used around 40s bed products.The comfort and softness of yarn vary with the number of yarns woven.Hotel products every day to wash, so must be yarn number of high, good durability.