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What are the best places to produce latex mattresses?

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What are the best places to produce latex mattresses?

What are the best places to produce latex mattresses?
With the hot tourism market in Thailand, latex pillows and latex mattresses are also hot. Nowadays, there are more than 500 brands of latex pillows on the market. Interviewing senior workers in the latex industry will explain to you the best places to produce latex pillow mattresses. By the way, let me talk about the status of the brand of latex pillow mattresses.
1. What is a latex pillow mattress?

Natural latex is now internationally recognized as the best advanced material for making pillows and mattresses. Pure natural latex pillows or mattresses: processed from oak latex through the entire physical process of "collecting-making molds-baking-passing water". Known as "Tears of Nature". The natural rubber juice is taken from the tropical rain forest. A rubber tree can only produce 30CC of latex juice per day. It takes at least 30 rubber trees per day to produce one latex pillow. Due to its collection and purification, it requires high efficiency and precious materials. In addition, the milk collagen liquid will solidify when it sees the sun. Early morning is the time of the lowest temperature and the highest humidity in the day. At the same time, after a night of rest, the rubber tree is full of moisture and the leaves have the least transpiration moisture, so this is the best time for tapping. The tapping workers worked hard in the gum forest before dawn. The production process takes at least 2-3 days to form, so the cost of latex products is higher.
2. What are the best places to produce latex pillow mattresses?

Global natural rubber production is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, accounting for about 90% of the world's natural rubber planted area. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam are the world's largest rubber exporters, with output accounting for more than 60% of world production. The main consumers are East Asia, the United States, and Western Europe. East Asia is the world's largest consumer. China's natural rubber production areas are in Hainan and Yunnan provinces. China is the world's largest rubber consumer.

Among them, Thailand is the world's largest exporter of natural rubber. Its subtropical climate and fertile soil are very suitable for the growth of natural rubber forests. People here rely on rubber production, processing and trade to survive and pass on from generation to generation. Due to its natural climate and geographical location, Thailand ’s latex juice is more advantageous than other countries ’latex juices, especially in Chanthaburi Province, Thailand.
3. Brand status of latex pillow mattress

At present, more than 500 brands have emerged in the Thai latex industry, and more than 300 brands claim to be latex pillow mattresses produced in Thailand, and even include a few domestically-made latex pillow mattresses that claim to be imported raw materials. In China's domestic Wenzhou / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Nantong / Chongqing areas, many factories can also produce latex pillows and mattresses at different prices. Open a treasure, found that many latex pillow brands sell around 30/60/120, mattresses sell around 500-2000, some even a well-known brand ventry, napatigga, royal royalx, etc. Their exquisite packaging and beautiful text have won the trust of consumers. Many brands say that the raw materials are imported from Thailand, but the production is in China, so the production cost is low, and the slogan of "imported in Thailand" makes customers mistakenly think that it is a real Thai native pillow.

In addition, there is a phenomenon where some unscrupulous merchants ship domestically produced synthetic latex pillows to Thailand. Some small factories and small workshops in Thailand make pricing purchases based on the quality of the pillows, and then sell them in Thailand with well-known brand packaging or shipped back. Domestic sales, this is some brands such as Ventry, Royal, etc. that often appear in the hands of purchasing agents.

The collection of latex juice requires specialized transportation vehicles, from rubber forests-to latex materials-to latex processes. After the glue is collected, it must enter the production stage within 24 hours, so as to ensure the freshness of the latex juice, and then it can be played. Therefore, it is not the process of the Chinese factory that ca n’t keep up, but the transportation of the juice to China for processing. 15 days, stabilizers such as ammonia are added during transportation, and the taste will affect the latex activity.

We want to refuse to buy unprofitable and profitable, inferior latex products, but the price of latex pillows with a real latex content of over 90% is certainly not cheap. After all, natural latex is still difficult to obtain. Thailand's natural latex pillows are still a penny, but not expensive, the better. Novices look at the price, veterans look at the price-performance ratio. The more famous the brand, the more fakes and the higher the price. It is not recommended.