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Unplugged heating mattress?

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-01
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Unplugged heating mattress?

Unplugged heating mattress? It heats up quickly, is anti-mite and anti-bacterial, and can be machine washed.
When did you realize that the weather is getting cold? I believe many people will answer: it started from waking up in the middle of the night! ! !
I fell asleep at night and suddenly became awake, trembling with insomnia while hugging his cold thighs.
Or after getting into the quilt, the quilt is not even warm... it feels really hopeless.
You might think that electric blankets and electrical appliances still have certain safety hazards, but you can just sleep and get panicked. What can you do?
Don't worry, let's take a look at the Qiaoju moisture-absorbing and heating mattress + blanket that can be warmed without plugging in today.
Rise 5℃ in 30s, and you will be warm when you lie down, so that you can sleep soundly at night (combined use is better to keep warm~)
30s to 5℃
Swish under the covers to warm up!
Hurry and look over while still trembling! With them, you can hide in the bed to keep warm in the colder days!
Heating blanket: heat up when covered
We used an infrared thermal sensor to take a picture of the temperature change after a person covered the Qiaoju blanket.
At first the temperature of the abdomen was 25.1℃. After putting on the Qiaoju blanket, the body obviously started to feel warm. The temperature of the abdomen after the lid was taken by the thermal sensor was 28.2℃! In less than 30s, the temperature increased by 3℃!
The friend who took it home for a trial also said: The blanket heats up very quickly when you cover your body, and the bed is warm all the time when you sleep until dawn! And when I got up in the morning, there was no crackling of static electricity.
Heating blanket: warm when you lie down
Then, we did the temperature change while lying on the mattress!
At the beginning, the temperature of the mat was 20.6°C. After 30 seconds of lying on it, the person got up, the temperature of the mat was 25.4°C, and the temperature increased by 5°C!
In the same 30s time, the temperature increased by 2℃ more than the above test!
And to do all this without electricity. There is no need to consume electricity and no safety hazards. As long as you sleep, it will start to heat up.
Hygroscopic heating fiber
Warm up without plugging in
Why do not use electricity, ordinary quilt is cold, Qiaoju just blanket + mattress is so warm?
This is because it uses a special 3-layer moisture-absorbing and heating fiber.
Hygroscopic heating layer,
Give back your dry and warm bedding
This moisture-absorbing and heating layer is very complicated.
The fine hairs on the surface can absorb the water molecules volatilized from the human body.
The middle layer contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can quickly capture the nearby dynamic water molecules and adsorb them. In this process, the gas and liquid are transformed, and energy is actively released.
Finally, the inner and outer layer is the heat storage layer, which can firmly lock the released heat energy, making you warmer and warmer.
This is why ordinary quilts can only keep your moisture getting colder and colder, but Qiaoju can make you sleep hotter and hotter!
If the mattress and the blanket are used together, the moisture accumulated in the quilt will be swept away, dry and comfortable, not sticky, so that you don't want to get up until dawn~
In addition to letting you sleep soundly, the fiber that absorbs moisture and heats is also a special cage structure. The internal temperature of the fabric can be adjusted according to external changes.
The outside temperature is high, the distance between the fibers expands, absorbs heat and stores energy. When the outside temperature becomes lower, the distance is reduced to release energy, and the internal temperature of the textile decreases relatively.
Let your night temperature drop quickly without catching a cold, and in the morning when the temperature rises, you won't catch a cold under the blanket.
Small pimples on the face from time to time, the hair is often oily, and the hair follicles are loose...
Have you ever thought that this is caused by bacteria and mites hidden in the bedding?
Hygroscopic heating mattresses and blankets have added a new antibacterial and anti-mite black technology imported from Japan this year: Teijin Fiber.
Ta uses extremely dense fibers, which can prevent bacteria and 99% of mites from entering their hotbed-the fluffy warm fiber inside.
There are certificates for removing mites and bacteria, please see!
Anti-bacteria: qualified Anti-mite: 99.9% avoidance rate
In addition to its own special antibacterial and mites removal, heating blankets and heating mattresses can be machine washed directly! Not hypocritical~
Think of the elderly and children sleeping on such mattresses, how at ease! No need to worry about your skin problems~
Hygroscopic heating pad: non-slip double insurance
Make you roll
Unlike ordinary plush mattresses, they will buckle on the bed the next day.
The mattress is thoughtfully designed with non-slip bumps on the bottom.
I won't move easily no matter how much you rub~
The warm and firm mattress makes you roll with confidence~
Moisture-absorbing heating blanket: double-sided versatile design
Can be worn and covered
When we picked the heating blanket last year, we were very entangled. Should we choose white or camel?
But this year, camel color stitching style ~ two-color double-sided versatile design has been added, and you can buy 2 colors and 2 moods at once.
Cover which color you want to cover at night.
Wearing is also very warm.