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Tired the more you sleep? Your mattress should be changed!

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-11
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Tired the more you sleep? Your mattress should be changed!

Tired the more you sleep? Your mattress should be changed!
Imagine lying on a soft mattress after get off work every day, letting a warm quilt wrap your tired body, and falling asleep with the smell of sunlight and cotton. How beautiful and happy such a day is. But in fact, many people feel more and more tired while sleeping. What is going on? In addition to own health problems, sleep quality has a lot to do with mattresses. Today, I will introduce how to choose a mattress.
1. Poor choice of mattresses will inevitably cause problems
From the perspective of human health, the spine should be in a natural physiological curvature when standing, sitting or lying down to sleep. When the design of the mattress does not fit the lines of the spine, the spine will be in an unnatural physiological state, and it is difficult for the body to relax completely, which will affect the quality of sleep and cannot enter a deep sleep state. It will also affect people's mental state in the long run.
A mattress that is too soft or too hard is not conducive to the health of the spine. How do you judge whether the mattress is suitable for you? You can pay attention to your state after waking up. If you have backaches and lack of energy, this mattress is not suitable.
Second, the method of choosing a mattress
The key point of choosing a mattress is to support the body. Effective support can keep the spine in a straight line, while ineffective support will cause the spine to bend. The following is a method to judge the support performance of a mattress:
1. Test method when lying flat
During the test, we need to lie flat on the bed and place our hands between the back curve and the mattress. If the hands are easy to pass through and there is no gap between the hands and the mattress, this mattress is suitable. If the gap is too large, the mattress is too hard, and if it’s hard to reach in, the mattress is too soft.
2. Test method when lying on your side
This test method requires us to lie on the mattress. If we can feel the contact between the mattress and the body from the ribs, pelvis, to the ankles, then the softness of the mattress is more appropriate. If the fit is not good, the mattress is too hard. If you feel that the hips are about to stick to the bed, the mattress is too soft and pelvic problems may occur after long-term use.
3. Individualized choice of mattress
Since everyone's height and weight are different, some people will feel comfortable facing the same mattress, and some people will feel it is inappropriate, so the individualized choice of mattress is very necessary. The specific selection situation varies from person to person, and I suggest that you choose after the actual trial.
The following are the mattress selection principles summarized by the editor for various groups of people: Infants, young children and adolescents have soft bones, do not choose too soft mattresses; during pregnancy, mothers mostly sleep in a side lying position, and it is recommended to use a waist support function Mattress: For people with heavy weight, it is best to choose a slightly harder mattress.