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The most complete mattress knowledge is popular, come and watch~~

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The most complete mattress knowledge is popular, come and watch~~

The most complete mattress knowledge is popular, come and watch~~
DIGLANT will take you to choose the mattress that suits you. How is it suitable? I personally feel that there are several points worthy of reference: 1. Sleep feeling, 2. Price, 3. Quality, 4. After-sales, 5. Brand.

1. Sleeping feeling: a mattress suitable for yourself and your family is the basis of sleep, this is undoubtedly, whether it is hard board, kang, cotton cushion, spring mattress, palm cushion, latex cushion, various cushions, suitable for yourself What is good is good, there is no absolute good or bad, only suitable or not.

2. Price: On the premise that it is suitable for one's sleep and a reasonable family budget, the mainstream domestic mattresses are still spring mattresses and palm mattresses, followed by latex mattresses. Spring mattresses range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Focus on environmental protection and durability.

3. Quality: Let's talk nonsense, get what you pay for, and the following knowledge points will be involved.

4. After-sales: The degree of response and efficiency after quality problems occur is closely related to the business philosophy of each brand and each merchant.

5. Brand: The reason why the brand is put last is because the brand is a guarantee of product quality and after-sales guarantee.

Here is a summary: the important thing is the first three points, so much nonsense is actually cost-effective. Come come come,

Spring mattress

Spring mattress = spring + comfort layer + fabric, indicating that the white dot is a stack of different materials, matching with different sleeping feelings.
Here is an explanation. Generally, there are not so many kinds of materials for the comfort layer of a mattress. Two or three kinds are very comfortable.
Let me talk about springs first. There are several types of springs currently on the market: wire-drawn springs, whole mesh round springs, and independent pocket springs.
Drawing spring
Brushed springs began to be popular in China in the mid-1980s, and they were also the first spring mattresses we came into contact with. This kind of spring has a rigid connection between the springs and the springs, which will produce noise and crunching sound when used. The number of springs is very scarce and there are few supporting points, so it is not comfortable to sleep. Because of the low cost, it is currently popular in some fourth and fifth tier markets. Simply put, the spring mattress with this structure has a simple structure and poor materials.
Whole net round spring
The whole net round spring is also called Bonnier spring, and it is also the spring with the highest market share, and it is also a spring mattress from a nap. The spring and the spring of this spring are connected by a threaded spring. The structure is stable, and the support and flatness are very good. It is widely used and the shortcomings are also very obvious. Due to the overall series connection, there will be an impact between the bed partners during sleep and the sleep Friends of you can detour.
Independent pocket spring
Independent pocket springs are already very common as the bed core of mattresses. Simply put, a single spring produced is passed through a conveying guide groove, and wrapped into a non-woven bag by a cylinder to become a string of springs, and then arranged neatly. The whole spring is connected in series by an automatic bonding machine. The following is the production process taken in a medium-sized spring factory, like this:
Independent pocket springs do have more advantages over the whole net round springs. For example, there is no rigid connection between the spring and the spring, no friction, silent and no interference between the bed partners, the support is more in line with the body curve, and you can sleep on it. I can feel that each part has a corresponding supporting force, which is simply to make you sleep more comfortable. Please enjoy the following: two wine glasses that do not pour
The current market share of independent pocket springs is increasing, which also shows that more families have higher and higher requirements for sleep quality. The quality of independent pocket springs simply lies in the quality of the steel and the weight of the cloth bag. The linear steel market is mainly high manganese carbon steel. As long as it meets the national standard, it can be used normally for more than 10 years, and the quality of small steel plants will be unstable. It is worth mentioning that the cloth bag that wraps the spring is weighted by each unit. The market is divided into DuPont Tyvek non-woven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric. DuPont fabric has better toughness and slow aging speed. The manufacturer guarantees 15 years. Will not pulverize, it has better moisture resistance and effectively prevents the spring from rusting. After a certain number of years of use (climate, direct sunlight, etc.), ordinary non-woven fabrics will gradually pulverize and slag, just like you There are similar ordinary non-woven bags at home, do they become brittle after being left for a long time, and the slag will drop when you touch them.
In addition, there are many types of pocket springs derived from the sleep needs of different groups of people, such as: partition pocket springs, honeycomb pocket springs, mini pocket springs, wave pocket springs, floating pocket springs, high box beds Special low-pocket springs, macaron springs (bubble springs), Simmons 3-strand wire springs, etc., commonly used ordinary pocket springs, suitable for most people.
Comfort layer
The comfort layer is on the spring, which is also an important factor in determining the softness and comfort of the mattress. At present, the mainstream materials for the comfort layer are: sponge, latex, 3D, memory foam, mountain palm, coconut palm, jute, etc. There are gel factor latex, gel factor memory foam, gel factor sponge, bamboo charcoal fiber in the middle and high-end. Cotton, ponytail, cashmere, etc. in the higher-end comfort layer.
Washed latex
① Latex-sleepy Q bomb has support

Latex is the most popular comfort layer material in China in the past two years. The production area is concentrated in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. At present, the production of latex pads is mainly divided into two processes: DUNLOP process and TALALAY process. Listen to these two names. It feels very high. In fact, it is two different foaming processes. The Dunlop process is very mature, and the threshold is relatively low compared to Traley. Therefore, most of the processes at home and abroad are latex pads made by Dunlop process, and the cost is comparable. The low production of Bitla Lei, after all, has to cater to the consumption level of the masses. Under the brief introduction of these two processes, the Dunlop process is: mixing-injecting mold-foaming-vulcanization-rinsing-drying. This foaming principle is similar to that of steamed buns with waking up flour. The Trale process is: mixing-injection mold-vacuum foaming (filled with carbon dioxide)-freezing-vulcanization-washing-drying, Trale obviously has two more complicated processes, and the natural cost will go up. The latex mentioned here is natural latex. The content of good latex is more than 90%, and the price is naturally high. If someone tells you a 100% pure latex mattress, you can directly let him lie in the latex collagen solution, because it is currently the highest The content of latex is about 95%, and latex must be foamed and molded through additives.

②3D elastic net-hard and soft, good support

3D pieces
It is composed of double-sided mesh and intermediate connecting wires. The double-sided mesh determines the incomparable air permeability of traditional materials. The intermediate connecting wires are 0.18mm thick polyester monofilament, which ensures the resilience of the 3D mesh. Sleeping feeling is a very supportive material and very breathable, which is suitable for children and the elderly to sleep.

Memory Foam
③Memory foam-soft, slow rebound, good wrapping

Everyone is familiar with memory foam. After so many years of development, the technology is also very mature. The highest density in China can also achieve 150D. Generally, 120D is very good. Encapsulation, deep sleep memory function.
④Brown-to-hard, the majority of domestic middle-aged and elderly consumer groups

     Eco Brown
     Palm is divided into hard brown, soft brown, 3E coconut dream dimension, mountain brown. The first three are produced from coconut palm raw materials. Hard and soft palms are pressed together with glue, which is unreliable in environmental protection. 3E Coconut Dream is made of coconut palm mixed with fiber cotton, which is very environmentally friendly. As for mountain palm, it is a long-fiber fabric with scarce raw materials, so the relative cost is higher.

Fabric layer

As the name suggests, it is fabric. The most widely used fabric on the market is Belgian Bekaert fabric. The fabric pays attention to the weight per square meter, ranging from tens of grams to hundreds of grams. The higher the weight, the thicker and more skin-friendly the fabric. Let's take a look at the major functions of fabrics.

Let’s summarize, the mattress is actually a tool for everyone’s daily sleep. Different people are suitable or used to different types of mattresses with different configurations. I must ask which mattress is good. This is mainly based on your needs. You can learn from each other in the comment section. Willing to answer more of the little knowledge about mattresses for everyone.