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The dog treats the Tibetan mastiff as a box mattress ?

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-16
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The dog treats the Tibetan mastiff as a box mattress ?

The dog treats the Tibetan mastiff as a box mattress, and the Tibetan mastiff doesn't mind at all, for a very touching reason
In our impression, the Tibetan mastiff is a tough character that we can't afford to see. Although this kind of dog belongs to the dog category, the fighting power of the Tibetan mastiff is quite terrible.And the Tibetan mastiff was born proud, do not want to be with ordinary dogs.Tibetan mastiff is born as a lonely king, only the vast plateau, is suitable for their free life.
But recently, the netizen posted a series of pictures showing his labrador dog living with the Tibetan mastiff every day. The dog is not only not afraid of the mastiff, but also USES the mastiff as his bonnell spring mattress.Every day at rest, the dog lies on the body of the Tibetan mastiff.This painting style really makes many net friends surprised, exactly is why?
Originally, this Tibetan mastiff was brought up by a big labrador when he was a child.So when labrador became a mother, the mastiff grew up.For the family's labradors, the Tibetan mastiff not only doesn't hate them, it considers them his best friend.The warm environment has completely changed the temper of the Tibetan mastiff.
Emotions are like bonds that pass from dog to dog.For the owner, this was the side he liked best to see.We should be the same between people, everyone has a down time.Take the initiative to lend a helping hand and help those in need.Like a Tibetan mastiff, it began with the care of a labrador.Now the Tibetan mastiff also began to warm the surrounding partners, this is called the torch.