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The cat cut through the pillow top queen mattress

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-24
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The cat cut through the pillow top queen mattress

The cat cut through the pillow top queen mattress that the owner bought, and went inside to sleep. The cat: let me be a nest!
Pet-friendly families will inevitably be disrupted by their families! No matter they are cats or dogs, they will tear down the house. When you are not at home, you can bite things at home, and it will be too late when you find them. If they destroy small things, that's fine. If they destroy large things, it's more troublesome.
There is such a netizen who has a cat at home. This cat is usually naughty and usually hides somewhere. On this day, netizens came back from work at night, and they couldn't find the cat, only to find out in the bedroom that it had scratched the newly purchased pillow top spring mattress, and then drilled into it to sleep! The owner called his name, and then he slowly crawled out of the pocket bed mattress. He saw that the newly purchased pocket sprung mattress had been so spitted by it. He really wanted to cry without tears!
What else can netizens do, of course, choose to forgive it! After all, it ’s a cat you own, and you will keep crying and crying! This pressure mattress is not willing to throw it away, but can only use needle and thread to sew the prices mattresses foam! Cat: I've made a hole, so let me even use the princess size mattress as a nest and sleep in it so warm!