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The bed of the bedroom chooses 1 meter 8 still 1 meter 5 good?

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The bed of the bedroom chooses 1 meter 8 still 1 meter 5 good?

The bed of the bedroom chooses 1 meter 8 still 1 meter 5 good, how should mattess choose again, see end no longer tangle

The bed that compares common on market has 4 standards, of 0.9 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1,8 meters, still can choose 1.5 meters and 1.8 meters mostly nevertheless, the first two are a bit small relatively, unless the space of the house itself is very small.As for 1,5 meters and 1,8 meters, which one should I choose?

Most people feel the bed is bigger, sleep above can be more comfortable, but because the size of indoor space place limits, choose big bed also has certain condition.So, want to think clear your bedroom is big above all, put a bed of 1 metre 8 can appear very crowded.Generally speaking, the bed of 1 meter 8, that its head of a bed length may have reached 3.7 meters, eliminate redundant words of nightstand ark, also have 3 meters wide or so.If the room is small, it won't fit.Put aside the limitation of bedroom size beyond, the bigger the bed, the bigger the ground that can be rolled when we sleep, want how to sleep how to sleep, comfortable sex is very strong certainly also.

Actually when choosing 1 meter 5 and 1 meter 8 bed, the most important is the bedroom that sees your home is enough big.If the area is big enough, 1 m 8 is first selection for certain, its comfortable sex and convenient sex are 1 m 5 bed ratio can't.Besides the size that chooses a bed, the choice of mattess also is a problem that everybody needs to notice.

How to choose a mattress?

From the smell of the DIGLANT mattress

The mattess that natural material makes, be like a mountain brown, pure latex cushion, green environmental protection is thorough popular feeling, but its cost is higher, the polyurethane kind compound that many counterfeiters often exceeds standard of formaldehyde content or plastic foam cushion impersonates natural mattess.If it's a high-quality mattress, it won't smell pungent.

From inside the material or filler

The stand or fall of mattess quality basically depends on its interior material and stuff, because this should observe mattess intrinsic quality.If mattess interior is to pull chain design, might as well open look next, the quantity that observes its interior craft, main material is qualitative, if advocate spring whether achieve 6 turn, whether spring rusts, mattess interior is clean.

The mattress should be moderate in hardness and softness