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The advantages and disadvantages of 7 kinds of mattresses, all the dry goods are here!

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The advantages and disadvantages of 7 kinds of mattresses, all the dry goods are here!

The advantages and disadvantages of 7 kinds of mattresses, all the dry goods are here!
One third of life is spent in sleep. The four major indicators of whether people have a "healthy sleep" are: adequate sleep, sufficient time, good quality, and high efficiency. It is easy to fall asleep without interruption, deep sleep, and tiredness when waking up, all of which are closely related to the quality of the mattress.
A set of data shows that the average person turns over 40 to 60 times at night, and some of them turn over a lot. If the width of the mattress is not enough or the hardness is not ergonomic, it is easy to cause sleep problems. "Soft" injury.
Next, I will introduce a few
More popular mattresses on the market
Spring mattress
Spring mattress is the most popular mattress on the market today. Its structure mainly includes springs, felt pads, palm mats, foam layers and bed surface textile fabrics. In the mattress family, the spring mattress has the longest history and the most proficient manufacturing process. It also has good elasticity and impact resistance.
Advantages: anti-insect and anti-mildew + uniform load
The biggest advantage of spring mattresses is that the use of independent spring tubes or independent bags, after a certain process, can effectively prevent mold or insects, and prevent the springs from shaking and making noise due to mutual friction.
Moreover, the three-section independent spring design designed according to the ergonomic principle can effectively and evenly support each part of the body, keep the spine naturally straight, and relax the muscles fully, thereby reducing people's turning over during sleep Times, it is easier to achieve deep sleep.
Easy to make neck and shoulder stiffness and waist pain + glue and material contamination
In order to ensure the quality of the spring, there are anti-rust chemicals on the surface of the steel wire inside the spring when the material is selected. The spring bed arranged by chain springs may cause the cervical and lumbar spine muscles to be in a state of tension, causing neck and shoulder stiffness and waist pain. In order to fix the inner cushion material interlayer, the mattress with independent spring arrangement needs a lot of super glue, and the interlayer material with up to three layers in the middle is also the place where dirt and dirt are contained.
Types of spring mattresses
Independent barrel spring
The independent cylinder spring is packed into a bag with non-woven or cotton cloth, and then glued or ultrasonically bonded. The more the number of turns of the spring, the greater the softness.
Independent tube mattress springs are not connected by wire buckles, but are independent of each other. Even if the person next to the pillow rolls over and moves sideways, it will not affect the other person’s sleep, and can even withstand the pressure of every drop point in the body. , So that the body is not sore due to suspension, which is the so-called ergonomic advantage.
Honeycomb spring
The honeycomb spring mattress is one of the independent tube mattresses. Their materials and methods are the same, but the special feature of the honeycomb independent tube is that it is arranged in a staggered manner, which can reduce the gap between the springs and improve the support and elasticity.
It can more effectively reduce the traction force on the surface of the mattress, and it can adhere to the curve of the human body, improving the average pressure distribution and the flexibility and elasticity of the sleeping feeling.
Link spring
Connected spring mattresses are a combination of coils of springs with a relatively thick wire diameter connected and fixed by steel wires.
High hardness, firm sleep feeling, good support.
The elasticity is less obvious and easy to be involved. Sleeping in a fixed position or sitting on the side of the bed and four corners for a long time, or turning the mattress on a regular basis can easily cause depression and elastic fatigue.
Open spring
This kind of spring structure is similar to the connecting spring structure. The only difference is that the two ends of the spring used are not knotted, and have a certain cushioning effect on the pressure, so that the local movement of the mattress will not be too violent, and it can relieve the connecting type to a certain extent. The spring structure has the defects of poor anti-interference and poor fit. However, it is rarely used abroad at present, because its performance is always inferior to the independent barrel spring.
First wire steel spring
With a continuous strand of stainless steel wire, every spring of the entire mattress is wound from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed, and then connected in parallel, creating this so-called "one-wire steel".
The first-line steel spring structure has a history of more than 30 years. It uses less materials and is relatively low in cost. Its characteristics are similar to those of the connected spring structure. The anti-interference and fit are relatively poor, and it is prone to collapse. It is a cheap bed abroad. The first choice for pads.
Latex mattress
The natural latex mattress is known as the "gift of nature". It comes from the rubber tree and is made of rubber tree sap. It is a pure natural material and can emit a light milky fragrance.
 Natural environmental protection, safe and non-toxic
Latex is a natural material, 100% natural latex has comfortable, natural and mild characteristics, will not have a pungent plastic smell, and will not produce toxic gas when exposed to heat. Latex is made from natural plants, after several years or 4-6 months of sunlight, it can automatically decompose and return to nature, which is in full compliance with international environmental protection standards and rules.
Good flexibility
Latex is made by natural foaming and has a porous structure. The bubbles are filled with air at any time, so it has excellent elasticity. There are different density models for people of different weights to choose. The general density is between 40-45, the softest The density of moderate hardness is 60-70, and those who like hard beds can choose the density between 70-85.
Breathable, hygienic, heat dissipation
The porosity of the latex mattress also allows numerous small holes inside the mattress to allow air to circulate freely. The air permeability is first-rate, and it can keep the mattress dry and cool. Therefore, it also has antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds and dust mites. Especially in summer, this function is more obvious and practical, and it is healthier to use. Its breathability also helps to dissipate excess heat and moisture during sleep, keep the body refreshed, and improve sleep quality.
Good support performance, disperse pressure
The latex mattress has a larger contact area with the human body than other mattresses, and it is composed of millions of bubbles, which can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of the human body, so it can disperse the pressure on all parts of the body, especially the neck, waist and buttocks , It can achieve the effect of correcting bad sleeping posture.
Calm and silent
Another major feature of latex mattress is no noise, no vibration, unique porous spacing independent support design, can absorb the noise and vibration caused by sleep flipping, so that sleep is not disturbed, and effectively improves the quality of sleep, so even The person next to you turns over frequently and can also enjoy a peaceful and stable sleep.
Disadvantages: squeamish + high price
However, the care of latex mattresses is also quite "squeaky", because latex mattresses have the shortcomings of easy oxidation, and can not fundamentally prevent the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light, the oxidation process is faster, which means that it is the most Do not wash and do not dry. Natural latex mattresses are also more difficult to make, so the prices on the market will be higher. And according to statistics, about 3-4% of people will be allergic to latex, that is, latex allergy.
Southeast Asia is the world's main natural latex production area, so the mattresses in this area are mainly natural latex mattresses. However, from natural latex to the finished latex inner core, a series of processes are required. A good latex mattress requires a precise and complex production process. However, the general industrial level of Southeast Asian factories is relatively backward and basically does not have this advantage, so Most of the latex cores here are of average quality.
Of course, because latex mattresses in Southeast Asia are close to the origin of the raw materials, the materials are pure and natural, and there is generally no fake latex mattress; in addition, the material cost is lower, and the material transportation cost is omitted, and the final price of the finished mattress is generally not High and cost-effective. However, latex mattresses have poor oxidation resistance and are prone to aging. At the same time, latex has poor heat dissipation performance, which can easily make the body sultry, especially not suitable for humid and sultry areas.
People who are allergic to latex have also introduced artificial latex-PU latex alternatives on the market. Since artificial rubber latex does not release proteins that cause allergic reactions, and a good-made PU latex can also create the superior elasticity and other advantages of natural latex, it can solve the patient's worries about being affected by protein.
Sponge mattress
Sponge mattresses, also called foam mattresses, are mattresses made of foam as the main material. Of course, the foam materials used in foam mattresses are still very rich. At present, there are three most common foam mattresses on the market: memory foam mattresses, polyurethane foam mattresses, and high-elastic foam mattresses. The biggest difference between these foam mattresses lies in their different comfort levels, which can meet the needs of individual consumers for mattresses.
Advantages: temperature sensing + absorption of human weight + good support
The biggest feature of foam mattresses is that they have temperature-sensing characteristics. Simply put, when foam mattresses feel human body temperature, their surface particles soften, and the compressed area is gradually distributed evenly, thereby eliminating the pressure on the mattress by the human body. Let the blood circulation of the human body not be oppressed.
Its biggest feature is that it can absorb the weight of a person's body, lying on it feels like floating in the air, with excellent resilience.
High-elastic foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses generally use foams that are all plant-made foams. The biggest advantage is that they have good resilience and support.
Among them, polyurethane foam mattresses, or memory foam mattresses, are common in the market. They are very popular mattresses in recent years and belong to slow-resilient mattresses.
Advantages of memory foam mattress
 Low resilience, excellent support
Low resilience refers to the head and body lying on, the pillow and mattress will not rebound immediately, but can be fixed in one place, and memory of the human spine S-curve fit the mattress to give superior back support, lying on can make people fast Eliminate fatigue, relax muscle tightness. After the pressure is released, it will gradually return to its original state.
Memory foam will change its hardness with temperature changes. The human body sleeps on the memory pad. The mattress can automatically sense the temperature of the human body to remember the unique shape of each part, and shape the object to reduce the number of turning over and waking up in the middle of the night.
Suction pressure buffer
Memory foam can absorb the body's weight distribution and weight, effectively alleviate the pressure when the body is in contact with the mattress, and achieve the effect of supporting the body's weight and preventing waist injuries.
Protect the body
Because it can receive strong falling body pressure and play a buffer function, it has a good protective effect on the body, and can provide stable and healthy sleep quality for patients with spinal diseases and the elderly.
Calm and silent
When sleeping with your partner, if one of them turns over frequently, it may affect the other. The unique stress-relieving and shock-absorbing characteristics of memory foam will prevent each other's sleep from interfering with each other and provide a truly good quality of sleep.
 Antibacterial and mildew proof
With complete antibacterial treatment, dust-free particles can achieve real anti-bacterial, dust-proof and mildew-proof.
Disadvantages: easy to deform + no heat dissipation
First of all, foam mattresses, because most of the time they are made of natural plants, they have some unique characteristics of plants. The biggest disadvantage of foam mattresses is that they are easy to deform, and they are not easy to dissipate heat. They have the characteristics of heat storage. It is good in winter. In summer, the heat is not easy to dissipate. People are easy to get heat when resting on them. In winter, old-style memory mattresses also harden when the temperature drops.
Some manufacturers have added antifreeze induction glue to the new generation of silicone mattresses to overcome the shortcomings of general memory mattresses that will gradually harden.
Palm mattress
Palm mattress is a native brand. The palm mattress made of mountain palm or coconut palm fiber took shape as early as the Song Dynasty, reached its peak in the Qing Dynasty, and has a history of thousands of years.
In recent years, people's emphasis on healthy living has made palm mattresses made of natural materials popular among consumers. Domestic palm mattresses are mainly coconut palm and mountain palm. The difference between the two lies in the softness and hardness of the texture, and there is no obvious difference in quality. Mountain brown is darker in color, while coconut palm is lighter. Palm mattresses are relatively inexpensive and have a natural palm smell.
The mountain palm mattress is made from the leaf sheaths of palm trees that grow in the mountains about 2000 meters above sea level in southwest my country.
The coconut palm mattress is made from the coconut peel fiber of the coconut tree growing on the coast or river bank in the tropical region of southern my country.
Usually soft palm mattresses or hard palm mattresses on the market are actually coconut palm mattresses. Due to the short length of coconut fiber, all coconut palm mattresses are glued with adhesives. Today's adhesive bonding technology can be layered bonding and uneven bonding, the hardness of the mattress is not the same, so there are soft palm mattresses and hard palm mattresses in the market.
The mattress made of mountain palm fiber is usually called mountain palm bed. The manufacturing skills of mountain palm mattresses mainly include two methods: adhesive adhesion and craft weaving. Adhesive bonding skills come from Europe, and craft weaving is a traditional Chinese skill.
Advantages: breathable + environmental protection + good hardness
Breathable, environmentally friendly, excellent toughness and hardness, it is the favorite of Chinese who prefer hard beds, and the price of palm mattresses is relatively low. In the 1970s, the World Medical Health Organization listed palm mattress as a designated hospital mattress, which shows that palm mattress has its unique effects.
Mountain Palm Mattress: It does not absorb water, has strong water resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent elasticity, particularly good flexibility, and moderate hardness, which is between the rigid board bed and the spring mattress. And dry and breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer, can prevent the human body from generating static electricity.
Coir mattress: Its elasticity, toughness and air permeability are slightly worse than mountain palm, but it is also a natural green mattress, and the production cost is slightly lower.
Disadvantages: hard + not durable + easy to deform + more fraud
Although the price of palm mattress is low, it has poor durability, easy to collapse and deform, poor supporting function, poor protection and easy to moth or mold. In addition, the palm mattress is hard and the comfort is not as good as other soft mattresses. Many people sleep on the palm mattress and often feel very tired.
There is also a hemp-brown mattress in the industry, which is made of green hemp and jute as the main raw materials. It has poor elasticity, toughness and air permeability, and is easy to be damp. It is vulnerable to insects and deformation after long-term use, and the price is generally 300 The yuan is very low. Many criminals took advantage of consumers’ lack of understanding of mountain palm and sold hemp palm mattresses and coconut palm mattresses as natural wild palm mattresses, and even cut the molded cardboard or foam plastic boards into mattress-sized sheets. After applying the fabric, it pretends to be a natural mountain palm mattress to deceive consumers.
And because modern palm mattresses are made of mountain palm or willow palm fibers bonded by glue, many businesses use very inferior chemical glue as a binder in order to win huge profits, so that the "poisonous palm mat" incident Frequent occurrence is worrying.
In the past, many palm mattresses were dominated by hard mattresses. Later, after lifting technology, palm mattresses can also achieve the touch of soft mattresses. Hard brown is more suitable for summer, while soft brown is suitable for autumn and winter.
A few more
A niche mattress
Water mattress
Applying the principle of buoyancy, it has the characteristics of buoyant sleep, dynamic sleep, warm in winter and cool in summer, and heat therapy effect.
Air mattress
 It has strong flexibility and elasticity. After a period of time, there will be some expansion and volume increase. The inflatable bed has good elasticity and is not easy to deform, and it is very comfortable to sleep. It feels similar to a spring mattress, and it is easy to carry and move. It is suitable for people who like to camp frequently.
Magnetic mattress
On the foundation of the spring mattress, a special magnetic sheet is placed on the surface of the mattress to generate a constant magnetic field and apply the biological effect of the magnetic field to achieve calmness, pain relief, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and other effects. Health-care mattress.
A good mattress matches the bed frame,
Only then can the function of the mattress be brought into full play.
The bed frame is composed of a head frame, a bed body, a slat frame, a foot board and a foot column.
The bed frames on the market are constructed according to the material
There are three types of wooden bed frame, metal bed frame and soft pack bed frame.
Bed frame type
Wooden bed frame:
Wooden bed frames are the most common bed frame. Wood has a natural affinity and makes people feel warm. It can be integrated with various decoration styles and matched with other furniture in the bedroom. It is easy to produce a harmonious and soft beauty on the whole.
In the choice of wood, it can be divided into hardwood and softwood. Hardwood has tight density, heavy texture, and darker color. It is an excellent material suitable for long-term use. Cork (such as pine, etc.) has become the new favorite of the times because of its elegant and comfortable color and conform to modern aesthetics.
But the comfort of the wooden bed frame is average, not suitable