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Talking about mattress can withstand the pressure of the human body

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Talking about mattress can withstand the pressure of the human body

Talking about the normal foam mattress for sofa can withstand the pressure of the human body
After a tiring day of work and study, everyone will think about having a good sleep on a comfortable guangzhou mattress. This can alleviate the fatigue on the body. When you get up the next day, you are energetic and in a great state. So, how much pressure can the ordinary good mattress used at home withstand? How appropriate is the bearing capacity of ordinary gel mattress memory foam matresses? The following is the DIGLANT gel foam mattress 14 inch brand manufacturers to explain to you how much ordinary full xl mattress can withstand the pressure of the human body?
During sleep, the body is in a state of relaxation throughout the body, and the spine releases stress at this time. When a person is lying on the side, the spine must be kept in a straight shape, and the bulges such as the waist and neck need to be more strongly supported, otherwise they will be suspended and the pressure will not be released. However, if the support of the entire full size mattress is enhanced (that is, the stiffness of the filler is increased), the nerve roots of the kyphosis such as the thoracic and sacral vertebrae will be oppressed, and the fibrous ring will be severely broken, edema, inflammation, etc. symptom.
DIGLANT full medical mattress manufacturers know that traditional  free sample mattresses often use full-mesh springs for support. This spring is in the shape of an hourglass. The two ends of the spring are usually connected with a wire to prevent it from deforming during use. The thickness of the wire directly determines the external pulling force on the spring. The thicker the wire, the greater the obstacle to the deformation of the spring, and the less obvious the targeted support for the body.
How much pressure can an ordinary   withstand? The spring is fixed with a thicker steel wire. Although it bears huge external pressure, its dynamic transmission is obvious, and it is difficult to achieve mutual interference between the spring and the spring. This will not only generate noise, but also reduce the fit between the folding mattress for sofa bed and the body. The muscles in the parts such as the waist that need to be strongly supported will be in a tense state for a long time due to the decrease in spring resilience.
How appropriate is the bearing capacity of ordinary folding foam sponge mattresses? Each mute spring of the folding foam mattress is wrapped with non-woven fabric, which is independently supported and does not interfere with each other, which enhances the fit of the folding bed with mattress to various parts of the body and releases pressure more fully. It uses a technology antibacterial fabric to prevent the breeding of mites and make the sleeping environment cleaner.
The normal number of independent pocket spring folding bed mattress springs is about 700, while the air spring system has more than 2,000 springs, including an 8-inch spring plus a 2-inch small spring next to it, and another 2 inches. The small springs form an air cushion (this is the origin of the name of air cushion springs), and more springs will give you more support and a more comfortable experience.
Everyone has a better understanding of the bearing capacity of the foldable spring mattress, which avoids purchasing inappropriate foam mattress in pakistanes, and also makes high-quality spring foam mattress in a boxes more in line with our sleeping habits and improves sleep quality.