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Super Tuan | Moderate soft and hard antibacterial thin mattress sponge with double inner core

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Super Tuan | Moderate soft and hard antibacterial thin mattress sponge with double inner core

Super Tuan | Moderate soft and hard antibacterial thin mattress sponge with double inner core
To sleep well, the mattress supplier is so important.
The mattress twin was not comfortable enough, the pillows and quilts were as good as possible, and the back pain and bones were still loose after waking up.
It's also troublesome to change a new one. This heavy and bulky piece is hard to handle.
Recommend a thin mattress wholesale suppliers for you, the gray layer on the picture.
There is no need to change the old mattresses in latex, just add a layer on it, the comfort will be improved a lot.
This mattresses turkey comes from Diglant.
Its inner core has double layers of memory cotton, the upper layer is soft and waxy, and the lower layer is firm.
Lying down doesn't feel too hard, it doesn't feel like a bone, it doesn't feel like there is no support under the empty space.
In a word, it is soft and not collapsed, and it is particularly comfortable.
It also has a function that ordinary memory foam bedes do not have-antibacterial.
In the experimental environment, its antibacterial rate against Staphylococcus aureus was 93%, and its antibacterial rate against Klebsiella pneumoniae was as high as 99%.
Many metal ions have antibacterial effect, copper is one kind, it is filled in the upper layer of memory foam.
Copper ions can destroy bacterial cell membranes, inactivate various enzymes inside the cells, and eventually die out, achieving antibacterial effects.
This principle is also mostly used in the production of many antibacterial agents, and the bedding for personal use can have this function and it is really a plus.
Large memory foam compress mattresses are difficult to clean after all, and dirty things can easily be hidden in them for a long time.
This thin memory foam floor mattress on the bed is not only comfortable, but it also helps to isolate bacteria and make you feel more at ease.
Usually wash the memory foam mattress wholesale cover regularly, it takes a lot of effort to take care of it.
The thickness is 7cm, you can sleep directly after laying the bed, or you can add a bed sheet.
Available in 2 sizes, suitable for 2 bed sizes.
1.5m bed, 150cm×200cm×7cm
1.8m bed, 180cm×200cm×7cm
Its inner core is composed of 3cm slow rebound memory foam (upper layer) + 4cm fast rebound memory foam (lower layer).
The memory mattress is designed in this way, which can take into account both the softness and the supporting power. People lie down and relax especially, and do not get tired after a long sleep.
Upper floor (comfort floor):
3cm slow rebound memory foam
This layer uses slow rebound memory foam to provide a soft touch.
When people lie down, the memory foam will slowly deform to fit the body curve, which is the key to comfort.
Compared with the feeling of sleeping on a hard memory mattress sale, the waist is suspended, and the pressure is concentrated on the shoulders and hips. The bones are so painful that they cannot sleep well.
Lying on the soft memory foam, every part of the body was cushioned, as if sleeping in a wide embrace.
The pressure will spread out all around, which has a good cushioning effect.
And this layer of memory foam is really soft.
Using a professional hardness tester, it can be seen that its surface hardness is 0.
Sleeping on it will not feel the pressure, and the whole body will be especially soothing.
Internal structure under the microscope: (left) this memory foam (right) conventional memory foam
It is also worth mentioning that, relying on special processes, its internal structure is open-hole.
A little less porcelain feel, which is a plus in breathability, and the bed is easier to keep dry.
Lower layer (support layer):
4cm fast rebound memory foam
The memory spring mattress is too soft.
All parts of the body are firmly attached, but the whole person is trapped in the motel mattress, and the spine is easily deformed in the long run.
The lower layer of this natural latex mattress is made of quick-recovery memory foam to provide a certain support.
The feel is harder than the upper layer and the structure is firmer than the upper layer.
After compression, it can be restored to its original state in time, which can ensure stable support.
Smooth, breathable, durable and durable
The natural latex mattress manufacturers cover that wraps the two-layer inner core, the main component of the fabric is polyester fiber, which is smooth to the touch and also very thick and wear-resistant.
Bamboo charcoal fiber is also added to the fabric, which greatly enhances the moisture absorption and breathability of the natural springs coils mattress.
This is a kind of regenerated cellulose fiber, which is made of natural materials such as cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc. It is widely used in the field of textiles.
The bamboo charcoal fiber has numerous micropores, the sweat in the bed can be discharged through the micropores in time, and the air will circulate smoothly.
Reduce moisture accumulation, the skin will not sweat, and can sleep more comfortably.
There is a circle of mesh fabric around the new bed mattress, and the air can be freely exchanged from the side, which can be said to ensure breathability in all directions.
The new xxxn mattress cover is removable and the opening zipper design is convenient for regular cleaning.