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Summer mattress cleaning method

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Summer mattress cleaning method

Summer mattress cleaning method
Sleeping in summer is more prone to sweating than in other seasons, making the vacuum pack hotel mattress dirty, producing peculiar smell, and breeding bacteria and mites. Especially in the south, humid air and warm environment have created favorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and mites.
No matter in the north or south, we don't want the vacuum compressed mattresses that accompany every day, the mites will fly. Compared with other seasons, it is much easier to clean the vacuum compressed best selling mattress in summer. Hurry up! Clean the vacuum compress folding mattress, so that sleep can be "small and fresh" and healthy, and get up every day with full vitality~
Complete cleaning of a vaccum packed mattress is divided into three steps: stain removal, deodorization, sterilization + removal of mites
1. Remove stains
First, pat the dust out. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can pat it and then use the vacuum cleaner to absorb it. If not, you can wrung out and wipe with clean water, and then start removing stains. There are many kinds of stains, which need to be treated differently. The method shown below can be easily cleaned without professional tools.
Different stain treatment methods:
 With the above method, you can "prescribe the right medicine" and easily remove stubborn stains!
Second, to taste
The summer air should be filled with the smell of lemon and watermelon. This is the summer in our impression. But the vaccum compressed mattress will inevitably have a peculiar smell after sleeping for a long time. Rejecting the peculiar smell will give us the taste of summer. Use the following trick to easily remove the peculiar smell of the us mattress.
Sprinkle the baking soda evenly on the two sided mattress. It doesn't need to be too thick or too dense, you just need to see the scattered baking soda coverage. Then let the twin size sponge mattress stand still for half an hour to an hour, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the baking soda, or manually clean it, at this time the peculiar smell on the bed has disappeared without a trace.
You can also spray some essential oils or perfume on it, or place dried fragrant flowers in the crevices of the twin size orthopedic latex mattress, so that the twin size mattresses for beds will smell delicious!!
3. Sterilization + mite removal
In fact, when deodorizing, baking soda also has some bactericidal effects, but some stubborn bacteria are difficult to remove. In particular, mites thrive in summer. At this time, we must invite our killer of summer cleaning: the sun!
Why is it said that the killer of summer cleaning is the sun? Isn't it true that spring, autumn, and winter won't work?
It is feasible to get rid of mites in the sun, but the wrong way of basking not only can not get rid of mites, but also promotes the reproduction of mites. When the temperature is 25 degrees, a large number of mites will breed, and the ability to multiply more than usual. But when the temperature is above 35 degrees in summer, putting the twin size mattress rolled in the hot sun for 4-6 hours can remove more than 95% of the mites. Covering the twin size mattress price with a black film will increase the internal temperature of the twin size mattress near me, which is better for removing mites.
When basking in the sun, ultraviolet rays will further kill bacteria, which is equivalent to a second sterilization. After the hot sun, a completely new twin size mattress for sale is released.
How to remove mites from latex mattresses that cannot be exposed to the sun?
Due to the natural porous structure, latex mattresses have very good air permeability, so they can inhibit the breeding of mites, but they are not absolutely anti-mites. There are still a small number of mites. How to remove it?
The mites will die in a dry environment with a humidity lower than 15%, and cannot reproduce further in a low temperature environment. Therefore, taking advantage of the good air permeability of mites, put the latex mattress in a ventilated place to dry several times to make the latex inner core relatively dry, and a good effect of removing mites can be achieved.
The above method is used to make the mattress fragrant, which not only prevents allergies, but also makes it easier to fall asleep. Such a mattress is so comfortable that you don't want to get up.