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Summer mattress always smells?

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Summer mattress always smells?

Summer mattress always smells? You should remove formaldehyde

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons why spring furniture mattresses smell at home: First, consumers do not pay attention to personal hygiene when using spring good mattresses for salees, and do not do regular cleaning work, which will cause spring high quality mattresses to smell. The odor caused by this reason is not irritating, and it is also simple to handle. As long as it is cleaned regularly and the spring home furniture mattress is kept dry and hygienic, the problem of odor will be significantly improved.

Another possible cause of spring hotel bed and mattress odor is formaldehyde pollution. Why is there formaldehyde in the spring hotel bed mattress? This starts with the method of making the spring hotel mattresses. Although the traditional coconut palm spring king mattress has natural coconut palm as the raw material, it needs to be pressed with high temperature glue when setting. The glue contains formaldehyde, so it will have a bad impact on the indoor environment. In addition, in order to pursue higher comfort and softness, luxurious spring kings down mattresses are usually composed of multiple layers of materials. In order to prevent loosening between layers, glue is also needed. Therefore, even luxury spring latex mattresses will inevitably have hidden dangers of formaldehyde. The newly bought spring manufacturer mattress will have a pungent smell which is proof that the spring mattress 12 inch contains formaldehyde.

Some people may ask, after a period of time, the smell of the newly bought spring mattress 8 inch disappears, how can the smell appear in summer be formaldehyde? This is because the release period of formaldehyde is very long, up to 3 -15 years, so even if the spring mattress and beds has been used for a period of time, there may still be formaldehyde. In addition, although formaldehyde has a pungent odor, this odor is related to the concentration of formaldehyde. When the concentration of formaldehyde is low, people can not smell it. When people smell the smell of formaldehyde, it means that the indoor formaldehyde pollution is already very serious. At present, the relevant departments stipulate that the formaldehyde content in the living room should not exceed 0.08 mg per cubic meter. However, when the formaldehyde concentration reaches 0.1-2.0 mg per cubic meter, only about 50% of normal people can smell odors. Therefore, to determine whether formaldehyde is present in the room can not be relied on olfactory sense, formaldehyde detection equipment should be used for identification.

The release rate of formaldehyde is related to the temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the release. Therefore, in the summer when the temperature is high, if the formaldehyde released by the spring mattress and foam mattress is not treated in time, it will accumulate indoors, the concentration will continue to rise, and odor will be generated. The unpleasant smell is not terrible, but the harm caused by excessive formaldehyde to the human body needs to be paid attention to. Therefore, once the pungent smell of formaldehyde appears in your home spring mattress bedroom furniture, you must quickly take measures to control the formaldehyde.

What is a good way to control formaldehyde? First, window ventilation is a good method for simple operation. By opening the window to ventilate, the indoor formaldehyde can be discharged to the outside, so that the indoor formaldehyde concentration can be reduced.It should be noted that due to the long release period of formaldehyde, the ventilation work needs to be adhered to and cannot be abandoned halfway.

Although opening windows and ventilation is labor-saving, the speed of treating formaldehyde is relatively slow, and the duration of opening windows will be affected by weather problems. In order to speed up the removal of formaldehyde, it is also a good way to use coconut carbon and Maya blue to adsorb formaldehyde. The surface of this kind of material is rich in pores, physically adsorbed, and will not produce secondary pollution.

Photocatalyst can also be used to treat formaldehyde. Photocatalyst can decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide under the condition of ultraviolet radiation, but the disadvantage is that photocatalyst also belongs to a relatively new formaldehyde treatment method, which is relatively expensive and not suitable for ordinary families.

The above is the relevant knowledge about summer spring mattress brands smell. The spring mattress buy online is in close contact with people every day. If the spring mattress cheap is polluted, it will have a bad impact on human health. You can't care about the formaldehyde problem of the spring mattress cheap price. May you and your family have a sweet and restful sleep