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Summer is hot and easy to insomnia? Maybe a proper king size pillow top mattress is missing

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Summer is hot and easy to insomnia? Maybe a proper king size pillow top mattress is missing

Summer is hot and easy to insomnia? Maybe a proper king size pillow top mattress is missing
The hot and dry summer can make people feel restless and uncomfortable, which in turn can affect our daily sleep. Poor sleep quality not only affects work and life, but also a hidden danger to physical health. Especially when getting up in the morning, there are listlessness, physical discomfort, backache and so on. This may be a problem with the king size spring mattress.
The National Sleep Foundation survey found:
A comfortable king spring mattress is the most direct, fastest and most effective way to improve sleep quality.
latex mattress 100% naturales are different from daily necessities and can be replaced at any time, so their shelf life is often overlooked. How often does your latex mattress china change? 5 years, 10 years or 20 years? According to the survey data of the White Paper on Chinese Sleep Culture, nearly half of the respondents' latex mattress thailandes "almost never changed".
An unsuitable latex pillow mattress, as the age is longer, its support and comfort will also decrease, which will cause some changes in our body.
Back pain after getting up
The latex pillow top mattress is not suitable for softness or aging or the bed material is aging. It cannot support our body reasonably and cannot adapt to the normal curve of the human spine. Muscle and bone strain, resulting in symptoms such as low back pain. A really good latex pocket spring mattress should conform to the principles of human ergonomics and be moderately soft and hard.
Sleep time is getting shorter
If you wake up early in the morning, you will wake up once or twice in the middle of the night, or you will always be in a light sleep state. It is likely that the internal structure of the luxury mattress is deformed and the support is weakened. If you continue to use the bed The pad will not only seriously affect sleep, but also may cause diseases such as lumbar disc herniation and lumbar muscle strain.
There will be a noise when turning over
You can hear the sound of the malaysia latex mattress when you roll over slightly during sleep. It may also be caused by the aging of the spring bed, the damage to the internal material and structure, and the inability to support the weight of the body. Therefore, such a matress bed needs to be replaced in time.
Itchy skin
According to a survey, there are as many as a few kilograms of dead skin on the matress memory foam after eight years of use, "cultivating" more than ten million dust mites. In addition, the mattress 180x200 is a hotbed of bacteria and mold. Among them are not only fungi that can cause coughing, aggravation of allergies and asthma symptoms, but also the existence of E. coli that causes diarrhea, and even highly pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus. This is also an important reason for inexplicably waking up when sleeping, discovering more red and swollen packets after waking up, and often showing allergic symptoms.
The mattress 200x200 is uneven
Lying on the bed, you can feel the mattress foam is obviously uneven, or feel uneven when turning over the bed, which shows that the life of the mattress for bed has reached the upper limit. Such a mattress for hotel cannot support the body in a balanced manner, which is easy to cause deformation of the human spine, especially joint pain in the elderly and bone deformation in the child. So for this problem, don't take it lightly!
The above 5 symptoms, if they account for 2 of them, it means that the mattress for sale has reached the limit of replacement. For your own health and the health of your family, quickly change a suitable mattress hotel!
The mattress king is not only suitable for office workers who work for a long time at the desk, but also especially suitable for the elderly with spinal or cervical discomfort, the student party and drivers who often bow their heads or sedentary, and teachers and traffic police who stand for a long time. Sleeping in a suitable bed is the best investment in health!
Healthy and quality sleep is for yourself and your loved ones
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