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Soya sauce soiled sofa, mattress how to do?

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-17
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Soya sauce soiled sofa, mattress how to do?

Soya sauce soiled sofa, mattress how to do?Teach you a trick to remove!
Accidentally dripped soy sauce on the sofa while eating
How to wipe how to wash all don't get off
How to do?
Diglant brings an artifact
Easy to remove soy sauce stains!
Keep your eyes open
Pour a little water over the soy-soiled area of the sofa
Beat the water stains evenly with your hand
Cover it with a dry towel
And then our secret weapon -- the vacuum cleaner
Remove the suction nozzle from the vacuum cleaner
Hold towel
Turn on the vacuum
Aim for the stain
Move the mouthpiece as you inhale
After a few minutes
Lift the towel
The soya sauce stains are almost all absorbed on the towel
Finally, dry the sofa with a hair dryer
Our decontamination campaign is over!
Principle of ideas
Pour water on the stain, play the role of diluting the soy sauce, and then cover the dry towel in the stain, with a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner has a very large suction, it will dilute the soy sauce adsorption on the towel, the stain was naturally transferred.
If you pour more soy sauce
Can be repeated several times
Just be careful
This method is only suitable for fresh stains.
This method also applies to mattresses
Except for soy sauce
We can still use it
Children wet the bed, such as pouring juice soup
These things happened later
Don't panic anymore