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Sleep with mites every day if the mattress is not washed or dried?

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-17
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Sleep with mites every day if the mattress is not washed or dried?

Sleep with mites every day if the mattress is not washed or dried? Just "2 leaves" and the mites are gone immediately
Winter is also a season when a large number of mites will exist and reproduce, especially on our daily resting bed, but I don’t know why people always ignore this matter, so that no effective measures are taken to solve the problem of mites. The presence of mites is still very harmful to humans. It is small in size and can easily and freely enter our mouth and skin pores, and then have a variety of adverse effects on our body. Therefore, it is recommended that you never ignore the presence of mites. The existence of winter. Generally speaking, the place where the most mites gather on the bed is the mattress. Because the mattress is too large and heavy, we don't often wash or expose it to the sun when using it. Naturally, there will be more mites.
If it is summer, people may still have leisure to move the mattress out to dry, but now it is winter, the sky rarely sees the sun, and people become lazy because of the cold, which completely stranded the mattress to solve the mites. problem. If the mattress is not washed or dried, it is equivalent to sleeping with mites every day, so it is still necessary for everyone to get rid of mites. In fact, there are many ways to solve the problem of mites in mattresses. We don't necessarily need to change the position of the mattress. Today, I will share with you a trick to eliminate mites in winter. Sleep with mites every day if the mattress is not washed or dried? Just "2 leaves" and the mites are gone!
1. Wormwood leaves
Wormwood is an extraordinary plant. It has a strong pharmacological value. The whole herb can be used as medicine. It has the functions of dispelling cold and relieving pain, relieving asthma and relieving cough, and anti-allergic. Fortunately, it grows widely in rural areas. People think It is not difficult to obtain it and use it. The first method of removing mites I will introduce to you today is to use wormwood leaves to remove mites. Wormwood leaves have a very special smell. If this scent acts on people, it can help people soothe their nerves and help sleep. If it acts on mites and other mosquitoes, this smell happens to be unpleasant, so wormwood leaves can be effective To repel mosquitoes. The method of using wormwood leaves is very simple. We can clean up the things on the bed, and then burn some dry wormwood leaves next to the mattress, which can effectively repel mites. In addition, we can also use more wormwood leaves in the bedroom. , The mites disappeared immediately.
Second, mint leaves
Mint leaves, as the name suggests, are the leaves of the plant mint. I believe everyone is familiar with this plant. If you love to grow flowers, you will grow several mint at home. As a plant with strong pharmacological effects, peppermint can also be used to remove mites. Its use is not as straightforward as wormwood leaves. We need to find a good day to boil it with some salt, and then put the boiled water in a watering can and spray it on the mattress more evenly. Put it on, and finally air-dry or use the sun to dry. It is worth mentioning that this approach not only makes the mites disappear immediately, but also leaves the fragrance of mint on the mattress, so as to soothe the nerves and help sleep.
To sum up, do you sleep with mites every day without washing or drying the mattress? Just "2 leaves" and the mites are gone!