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Should the mattress spring be soft or hard?

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Should the mattress spring be soft or hard?

Should the mattress spring be soft or hard? Is a hard bed really better for the waist?
Every night
There will always be a group of "can't sleep" players in the circle of friends
Can't sleep, half awake,
Waking up at night can't sleep
Gradually begin to "abduct" people's normal life
And every "can't sleep" night
Will bring many other problems
Only know it after experience
The metaphysics of sleeping
Sometimes it ’s important to be in the right place at the right time
But sometimes it ’s a rule of rest.
Also mastered tips for quiet sleep, such as: earplugs
Still can't sleep well
You might want to think about it at this time
Is your "bed companion" suitable for you?
Indeed for the companion of mattress small doublees
Most people's choices are less professional
Especially when there are a bunch of mattress sleepes in front of my eyes
It ’s even more unclear how to choose
Essential skills to determine if the bed is right for you:
Understanding the softness of mattress single bedes
Softness is directly related to whether we sleep well
Then the problem comes
How do I know which mattress single is moderately soft and hard?
Here is a very simple trick:
Side sleep
Is actually lying on the side of the mattress silicone gel
If the spinous processes in the middle of the neck, back, and waist
All stay in a straight line
That means the mattress round is soft and hard
Except for this slightly simple and crude method
You can also judge by the material of the mattress romania
Different materials make mattress portugales show different softness and hardness
Common mattress pocket spring material 1: polyurethane foam
Polyurethane foam is a polymer compound
But this mattress pocket coil double coil firm has less ability to release body pressure
Common mattress pillow top Material 2: Latex
An experiment from the National University of Singapore shows
Latex mattress malaysiaes than polyurethane mattress king size doublees
Reduces peak pressure on your torso and hips
In other words, compared to polyurethane mattress japanesees
Sleeping on a latex mattress in vietnam free shipping is even more painless
But latex is also divided into natural and synthetic
Natural latex is made from high-purity rubber tree sap
Not only softer and more durable, but also more elastic
But generally natural things
There is a common disadvantage: expensive!
Common mattress in vietnam free shipping material 3: spring
There are two main ways to design springs:
Bonnell Coil and Sack Coil
All the springs of the Bonnell coil are connected in one piece
This means
If the person sleeping next to you turns over
Everything will be transmitted to you through the spring
And the pocket coil due to the independence of the spring
Not only can circumvent this situation
But also better relieve stress on different parts of the body
Comfort will also be better
So in a nutshell, if possible, choosing natural latex or pocket coil spring mattress in pakistanes can help us sleep better.
The DIGLANT mattress in india that combines natural latex and pocket springs is not only equipped with thickened high-purity latex, but also uses a double-layer spring system based on pocket springs, taking into account the soft hardness and elasticity of the mattress hybrid. And cost-effective, is a good choice.
Double spring support + high-purity latex
Can provide us with a soft and hard sleep experience
The DIGLANT mattress high density uses imported natural latex with a thickness of 5 cm and a purity of up to 90%. This configuration is definitely full of sincerity.
Not only is latex soft and flexible, it can help relieve stress and help you fall asleep, and it can reach 80% of the dust mite avoidance rate. It is also very friendly to sensitive skin buddies.