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Should I buy the same mattress for a five-star hotel?

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-10
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Should I buy the same mattress for a five-star hotel?

Should I buy the same mattress for a five-star hotel?
Some time ago, the offline high-end brand experience hall was opened, bringing many high-quality products, including a special product, which is the mattress-Luo mattress thin elastic band and thick elastic band.
Every full life
Elastic band mattress Super soft five-star hotel double mattress
Many people don't understand this product. Will the mattress be very soft? Is it better than a latex mattress?
Take everyone to understand this product.
This mattress has two thicknesses, with a difference of 3 cm and 5 cm in height. Depending on the size of the bed, the size is 1.5 meters * 2 meters and 1.8 meters * 2 meters.
"This mattress is actually not soft at all. It is mainly composed of sheets and fibers. The sheets provide support and warmth, while the fibers maintain the elasticity of the mattress."
In fact, there are many differences between it and latex mattresses. "One is that it has a long lifespan. It is made of natural materials and is not easy to age. It has a lifespan of more than 10 years. Second, its air permeability will be much better than latex mattresses. At the same time, it breeds bacteria. The possibility of mites will be less than latex, and the effect of preventing mites will be better." Xu Li said.
Samsung has spent a lot of effort in making the mattress. As far as the mattress fabric is concerned, it is made of sanded fabric, which is more skin-friendly and does not slide easily on the bed. In addition, according to the sleeping posture and position of the person, the position in the middle of the mattress, that is, the position of the person's buttocks, is specially treated with dense velvet, which is not easy to collapse and has better support.
Some people may ask, now that many of them can sleep directly, why do we need this mattress? "We considered making this mattress at the time, mainly because some would be harder and uncomfortable to sleep. The thinner latex mattress was not soft and warm enough, so we thought of adding this product." Xu Li said.
At present, the new products of the offline experience hall are all on the line in "Every Full Life", such as duvets, pillows, and goose feather mattresses. There are many innovative products that are not seen in the market.
There are three series of duvets, namely Prague Love Winter Quilt and Four Season Quilt; Volga Memory Goose Down Duvet and White Roman Couple Double Temperature Goose Down Winter Quilt. Each product has its own highlights.
The pillows are also blessed by "black technology", such as Lake Yamanaka, Xpress Warming Neck Pillow, Xpress Feather Free Pillow.
The quality of the new products brought this time is very good. They are all freshly “launched” in the offline experience hall. The price-performance ratio is very high. The price for readers of the commercial newspaper is much lower than the price of the experience hall. With a discount of nearly 40%, citizens who want to change quilts, buy quilts, and change mattresses at home, come here quickly this time.
In order to further play the role of consumption as a stabilizer of economic development, the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the economic development of the province is minimized.