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Pillow and mattress,What should I pay attention to?

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-18
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Pillow and mattress,What should I pay attention to?

When should babies use pillows? How to choose a pillow? What should I pay attention to?

When new members are added to our lives, that is our little baby. When the baby comes to this family, we will face many problems. Today we will talk about how to choose pillows and high quality queen mattresses for babies.

Choice of infant pillows

In fact, infants and young children are not recommended to use pillows. The American Academy of Pediatrics has conducted corresponding research. The main reason is that pillows in cribs can block infants' noses and noses, which can cause choking. However, when the baby learns to walk, usually after one and a half years old, the lumbar vertebra bulges forward to form a lumbar curve, which means that the height of the pillow can be 2-3 cm. The pillow width is about the width of your baby's shoulders.

The choice of pillow material is also very important. It is best to choose buckwheat husks or husks, but remember to clean them. You can also choose dried tea leaves. Because these materials are suitable for soft and hard pillows, good breathability and strong hygroscopicity, they can also be washed, which is especially suitable for babies who sweat.

A stiff pillow will wear your baby's hair and form a bald pillow, which can easily be mistaken for rickets. Don't choose too soft fluffy cotton and duck down pillow, these materials can easily cause the baby's nose and nose to be blocked, resulting in suffocation.

Choice of infant high quality memory foam mattresses

When the baby is born, the spine is seen from the side without adult-specific bending, and is almost straight or slightly convex. When the baby starts to lie prone and raise his head for about 2-3 months, the cervical lordosis appears. When a 6-month baby practices sitting, thoracic kyphosis gradually develops.

When the baby practices standing and walking for 10-12 months, a lumbar lordosis is formed. At these stages, the flexion is not constant, and the baby can stretch flat when lying on its back. Simmons high mattresses are not of the same quality, and too hard or too soft are not conducive to the formation of a baby's spine, so children cannot sleep on Simmons high density mattress latexes. It is recommended that the bed for the baby to sleep is a wooden bed, which can be covered with 3-4 small high density foam mattresses.

Therefore, pay special attention to the above two points, when it comes to baby pillows, when to use them, what kind of pillow is best, how to choose a health mattress, these issues need to be paid attention to, when the baby is small, it is actually very troublesome, not like Adults are treated in the same way, and some babies are not the right way to grow up, which causes some problems of growing up.