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Newborn baby, sleep hard bed mattress set better than soft bed mattress single?

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  • Time of issue:2020-06-16
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Newborn baby, sleep hard bed mattress set better than soft bed mattress single?

Newborn baby, sleep hard bed mattress set better than soft bed mattress single? May be different from what you think
Prospective parents or new parents will ask such questions when preparing cribs for babies: "Does a child's soft bed mattress size affect bones? Will it not develop well to the spine? Is a hard bed queen size mattress cheap softer?" Is the bed roll mattress better?"
In fact, no matter whether the baby sleeps on a hard bed sleeping sponge mattress or a soft bed super king size mattress, there is no adverse effect on the spine. Because the baby's weight is very small, even if sleeping on an air bed used mattresses for sale, the bedding wholesales mattress will not be deformed too much, which will cause pressure on the spine and other bones, which will affect bone development. As for the spring bed, although it is soft or hard, even if an adult is lying down, it will not let a part of the body sink deeper unless the bedroom compression mattress itself has a problem.
However, from the choice of bedroom furniture bed mattresses, it is recommended to prepare a harder bedroom furniture mattress for the baby, rather than a softer bedroom furniture vacuum mattress. This is not to worry about the development of the child's spine, but because a soft bedroom mattress factory can easily sink the child's face, thereby increasing the risk of choking.
All along, there have always been news that some parents and mothers accidentally choked the baby's breath while sleeping, leading to tragedy. According to a report received by the US Consumer Safety Commission, over the past five years, 40 babies died of suffocation as a result of sleeping on an overly soft bedroom mattress sale.
Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended that when choosing the bedroom set mattress for the baby, mom and dad should choose a beds and mattress for sale that is not too soft. The specific measure is: hold the bed surface slightly with the palm of your hand and see if the bed surface falls into To the extent, if the palm is completely immersed in a light press, it is not recommended to choose, otherwise, it depends on the preference of the parents.
After the child grows up, there is basically no risk of suffocation. At this time, choose the softness of the best 100 latex mattress for your child, that is, let the child sleep comfortably, without worrying too much about the spine.
Compared with the risk that the softness and hardness of the best 100 natural latex mattress brings to the development of the spine, parents and moms should pay more attention to the problem of not shaking the baby casually, and not to believe that the so-called "baby exercises" and "pediatric massage" can make children more Smart statement. This is because the child's brain and spine are not well developed. If the child is shaken violently, it may cause "baby shaking syndrome", which may cause damage to the child's brain, spine, and eyes. Internal bleeding and other dangers, the consequences are unimaginable.
In short, parents and dads should not worry too much about the best all latex mattress, but should pay more attention to the daily care of the baby, and pay more attention to adjusting their emotions when the baby is crying, and don’t do anything harmful to the baby’s body. Things can make your baby's spine develop healthily.