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New products丨Student mattresses are coming, healthy and youthful, making dreams different!

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-19
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New products丨Student mattresses are coming, healthy and youthful, making dreams different!

New products丨Student mattresses are coming, healthy and youthful, making dreams different!
Does sleep quality directly affect students' learning? ! According to the World Health Organization survey, in China, the number of students with sleep problems accounts for 30%-40% of the total. Have you ever paid attention to your children's sleep?
It is important to know that students are in the stage of skeletal development, and a hard bed will put greater and uneven pressure on the spine, which will cause changes in bone shape and affect muscle growth for a long time. A russian mattress that is too soft cannot provide better support for the spine and is not conducive to bone growth.
There are also many children who put rolled up spring mattresses on the bed, although it can alleviate the problem of too hard bed, but if the rolled double mattress is not replaced in time, many mites and bacteria that breed on the rolled compressed mattress may cause skin allergies, and in severe cases, it can also cause asthma and allergies. Rhinitis. These reasons will greatly reduce the child's sleep quality.
It is the beginning of the school season again. In response to the above problems, the new student roll up sponge mattress from Aisicon is born at the right time, healthy and youthful, making dreams different!
High resilience material moderate soft and hard
The roll up queen size mattress allows children to relax the pressure during use, relieve the fatigue of the brain after high-speed operation, and create a good night's sleep for the children.
The new student roll up packing mattress uses high-resilient materials inside, strong support, moderate hardness, and better care for the child's spine, allowing the child to grow up healthily.
Functional 3D fabric, comfortable and breathable
The surface layer of the student roll up memory mattress is made of functional 3D fabric. The fabric is treated with antibacterial and anti-mite, which can reduce the breeding of bacteria and mites. At the same time, it has good breathability and moisture absorption performance, which can better improve children's sleep comfort.
Functional 3D fabrics can also release far-infrared and negative ions to provide children with a warm and comfortable sleeping environment, good sleep, good energy, and help improve learning efficiency during the day.
Magnet care for healthy growth
The student roll up mattress for salees have built-in magnets and are scientifically distributed, bringing the care of the magnetic field to the children all the time, making the whole night’s sleep healthier.
Aesthetic follow function
The design comes from life, and the details make the quality. The size of the student roll up mattress bed mattress is reasonable and the thickness is well controlled. At the same time, the roll up mattress bed adopts a foldable and humanized design, which is more convenient to carry.
Incorporating design into human nature, bringing the bedding into a leisurely and comfortable environment, focusing on the flexible use of points, lines and surfaces, to create the whole environment as homely. The simple and stylish appearance of the Aisi Kang student roll up latex mattress, the agile and atmospheric structure and the calm and durable color blend, cater to the study and life of the student era.
Good roll up king size mattress, energetic; good roll up in a box mattress, healthy growth; good mattress, home warmth, technology sleep, good dreams, good future!
future! The new student mattress will work with thousands of Qianqian students to compose the most beautiful path to growth.