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Mattresses are the hardest hit area of ​​formaldehyde

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Mattresses are the hardest hit area of ​​formaldehyde

Mattresses are the hardest hit area of ​​formaldehyde, worse than decoration! Teach you a trick to effectively remove formaldehyde
Recently, a video of a coir mattress with excessive formaldehyde causing leukemia in a 6-year-old girl quickly blasted major short video platforms
After a professional test, it was found that the formaldehyde of the little girl's palm mat after seven years of sleep exceeded the standard, and the inferior palm mat used a lot of glue, which caused the continuous release of formaldehyde. Sleeping on such a origins mattress company every day, the little girl unfortunately got leukemia... ...
For an instant, many netizens, including the editor, were very scared to think about it. You must know that the original mattress factory is in close contact with us every day. If the organic latex mattress manufacturers has formaldehyde, the consequences are hard to imagine.
As a "category carcinogen" formaldehyde, the harm to the human body is self-evident
Long-term exposure to low-concentration formaldehyde can cause dizziness, fatigue, sensory impairment, reduced immunity, respiratory dysfunction and liver poisoning...It is equivalent to a chronic poisoning. If the concentration is increased, long-term exposure may cause respiratory diseases or even cancer! The harm to the human body is self-evident
The tragic news caused by excessive formaldehyde has been stinging people’s nerves.
And not only online sale mattresses, in our homes, floors, tables and chairs, cabinets, sofas, low-quality curtains, pirated books, unqualified printed T-shirts...Formaldehyde can be said to be everywhere
The most frightening thing is that the release cycle of formaldehyde is quite long, and the artificial board is the hardest hit area, which can reach 3-15 years.
Tips: Formaldehyde is the main raw material of industrial adhesives, and it is essential for the production of sheets. If the board that meets the standard is used too much in the room, it will cause the indoor formaldehyde to exceed the standard. In addition, formaldehyde is widely used in printing and paint
For the health of yourself and your family, you really can't ignore formaldehyde anymore!
At present, the most commonly used methods for removing formaldehyde on the market are to put grapefruit peels, explode in the sun, and spray air fresheners, but either the effect is limited, the time-consuming is too slow, and it has no effect on harmful gases such as formaldehyde.
Most of them are adsorbed by activated carbon bags to adsorb harmful substances in the gaps of the carbon bags to achieve the effect of purifying the air.
However, under normal circumstances, the "appetite" of activated carbon is small, and the amount of formaldehyde that a carbon bag can absorb is not much. For a house of about 100 square meters, 15-20 carbon bags may need to be placed and replaced frequently.
Compared with activated carbon adsorption, a more effective and convenient way to remove formaldehyde depends on it, a formaldehyde removal black technology from the world's top 500 companies-DuPont Nano Mineral Crystal
DuPont, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Established in 1802, headquartered in Wilmington, USA
This 200-year-old big brother of the world's top 500 companies, international patents and innovative technology are almost soft
This DuPont™ nano mineral crystal is a formaldehyde-removing black technology it recently developed
The editor has used less than a dozen formaldehyde removal products, this is the most reliable at present! In addition to aldehydes immediately, it is cheap and lasting!
There is no proof, let’s first test how effective it is:
First, put the detector in the natural environment to detect the current air environment. The instrument shows that the air is healthy without pollution: the concentration of formaldehyde is 0.048mg/m³ and the concentration of TVOC is 0.326mg/m³. The air is healthy without pollution.
Then put it in the small box containing the formaldehyde solution and let it evaporate naturally, you can find that the air pollution has started to become serious, and the formaldehyde, TVOC, etc. soared rapidly
When the small box containing the formaldehyde solution was taken out, the instrument showed that the concentration of formaldehyde had reached 0.832mg/m³, the concentration of TVOC was 9.999mg/m³, and the air had been seriously polluted.
Then we put in the DuPont™ nano mineral crystal packet and wait for a while. After 20 minutes, the formaldehyde concentration has been reduced to 0.440mg/m³, and the TVOC concentration has been 4.524mg/m³. After 40 minutes, the formaldehyde concentration has been reduced by 0.120mg/m³, and the TVOC concentration 0.826mg/m³
By about 60 minutes, the formaldehyde concentration has been reduced to 0.078mg/m³, the TVOC concentration has been 0.532mg/m³, the formaldehyde concentration has dropped below the national standard 0.08mg/m³, and the aldehyde removal rate has reached 94.3%
It can be seen from the above actual measurement that DuPont™ Nano Mineral Crystal has a very good effect in deodorizing and purifying both new houses and new cars, or old houses and old cars.
And DuPont is also a hardcore guarantee in security! Passed the REACH-SVHC test certification by the French professional organization, and all domestic tests have also reached the standard.
Some people may ask, what principle is it based on for such a strong formaldehyde removal effect?
Researchers found that most of the conventional nano-ore crystals use monochromatic particles, which have the weakness of only adsorbing but not decomposing, which is easy to saturate and repeat pollution. Therefore, DuPont nano-ore crystals abandon the traditional method and adopt innovative two-color particle matching, so that adsorption and decomposition can be carried out at the same time.
DuPont nano-mineral crystal black particles have a four-layer crystal structure and are rich in nano-scale pores, which can effectively adsorb a large amount of formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC/odor and other air pollutants. The air pollutants are locked inside the nano mineral crystals for easy decomposition
The DuPont nano mineral crystal blue particles contain nano-level solid photocatalysts, which decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC/peculiar smells into water and carbon dioxide, and efficiently and lastingly remove gaseous pollutants in the air without secondary pollution.
The combination of the two makes the whole home safe~~~~~
What’s more interesting is that after using this nano mineral crystal for a period of time, it only needs to be exposed to the sun for two hours before it can be used again (the life span is more than three years). Compared with the traditional activated carbon package, it is really Economical and environmentally friendly
Tips: DuPont nano mineral crystals placed in a non-light environment need to be exposed to the sun for 3~5 hours every 6 months
Everyone knows that smoking in the car + high temperature exposure to car seats and floor mats will release benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene, etc.
People unconsciously have headaches and fatigue. In severe cases, they will have dermatitis, asthma, and weakened immunity, which will affect driving safety.
The editor’s old smoker colleague has a bad habit of smoking in the car. A cigarette emits about 5 to 15 times the formaldehyde of normal air.
When traveling with him, I tested it specifically:
The smoke ignited soon, the whole car was full of choking smell, the highest rose to 0.486mg/m³, the formaldehyde value is more than 5 times the national standard
So the editor placed the DuPont™ nano mineral crystals and left the car and closed the doors and windows tightly. It took a few hours
The minimum value of the monitor is 0.050mg/m³, the smell of smoke in the car is obviously dissipated, and the whole person is more energetic after breathing fresh and clean air
It is recommended that old drivers put one under the foot pad, and a few more in the back seat and trunk, there is nowhere to escape formaldehyde and peculiar smell
This DuPont nano mineral crystal is strong in removing aldehydes and has a wide range of uses. It is strongly recommended that you stock a few more. You need it in the corners of your home.
Bedroom Furniture 
People have to stay in the bedroom for at least 8 hours a day, don’t care about the new house and the old house, put a few packets of purified air, and feel at ease
Drawers, wardrobe compartments, bookshelves, shoe cabinets, etc., it is recommended to use 1~2 packs of nano mineral crystals
Especially in the screw fasteners of the furniture, the joints of the floor, etc., formaldehyde is mainly released from the wounds inside the sheet furniture, so that the decomposition effect is best.
Work table/desk/dressing table
Another area with a high incidence of formaldehyde is the office. Generally, the decoration materials are not dripping. The excessive formaldehyde is often very serious.
It is recommended to place one next to the computer and another under the table
You may not think that the "book-like atmosphere" that you usually smell is actually secretly releasing formaldehyde...
A family of three in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province was poisoned by formaldehyde, the culprit was books
I usually have a mindful look. Put one on a desk or a bookshelf to decompose the formaldehyde released by new books and pencils.
Nano mineral crystals are better in places with high humidity~
Accidentally soaking, just dry naturally (sun exposure), it will not affect the use
There are too many miscellaneous things in the kitchen, it is inevitable that there will be peculiar smell
With it, it not only adsorbs harmful gases, but also purifies the air~
For families with children, pregnant women and the elderly, the editor advises not to hesitate and treat the formaldehyde as early as possible
In terms of details, to be honest, DuPont's packaging details are very well done. The appearance is packaged in a delicate gift box
Open the box and you will find that the nano mineral crystal package is covered with a layer of vacuum packaging to prevent external gas molecules from entering during transportation.
Each box contains 40 packets of nano mineral crystals, and each packet is made of high-permeability non-woven fabric, which can increase the air contact area and improve the removal efficiency
The design of independent small bag can be placed more conveniently according to the indoor scene, and the dosage can be flexibly configured according to the degree of pollution
"The peculiar smell has really faded, and the price is good. Look for DuPont in the future!"
"I bought new furniture and appliances. They all smelled like plastic boxes and cartons. I put 1 pack in each corner. The smell won't be pungent after opening the next day."
"Buy it for my dad and put it in the car. It works. In summer, the car finally doesn't smell!"
Don't endure the smell of formaldehyde in the car at home anymore, prepare it to make yourself and your family healthier~