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Look through the standard spring mattress, so simple?

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Look through the standard spring mattress, so simple?

Look through the standard spring mattress, so simple?

Mattress thousands of millions, only spring mattress is the most common, it is a modern commonly used, better performance of the twin size mattress for sale, its pad core by spring composition.The cushion has the advantages of good elasticity, better bearing, stronger air permeability and durability, etc., and is favored by the majority of consumers.

Spring mattress

So today to analyze "QBT 1952.2-2011 soft furniture spring soft mattress" standard, is how to protect the rights and interests of consumers, regulate the production of enterprises.

1, the need to test the size of the spring mattress and deviation, the rationality of the specification, put an end to rough manufacturing, are generally common specifications, to avoid buying home found with the bed frame.

2, fabric requirements, mainly including fabric appearance and fabric performance, for the first impression of the top latex mattress, clean and pollution-free, fabric sewing is the most direct guarantee of quality.Need to pass the design colour and lustre of fabrics processing next, mattess is to use to sleep, the body can touch directly, if fabrics fade colour is serious, do you want?

The fabric

All of the above can be felt directly or touched directly, so I'm going to show you the inner knot of the top latex mattress spring directly with a picture.

Inside of spring mattress

3, this standard is involved in the health, safety, we can know the appearance, but we can't know spring foam bunk bed mattress internal materials (whether poor abandoned cotton, will there be bacteria, etc.), as well as all concerns of formaldehyde is likely to produce here (processing fabrics, sponge, fiber process when using glue will produce formaldehyde).

4, cut the outside, we can directly feel the spring, the quality of the intact technology directly affects the life of the mattress, if your bed roll mattress spring rust, how do you feel.Independent packaging spring is more high-end, quiet, to avoid friction and shaking.

Independent spring

5, the mattress is our experience to sleep, the longer the use of time, it is inevitable to become more and more dirty, not to mention that we should pay attention to hygiene, mattress itself also need to have a certain degree of dirt resistance and the effect of inhibiting mites.

6, the service life of the spring firm bed mattress, the standard through the way of roller rolling simulation of human sleeping roll and side loading simulation of human sitting on the bedside, which to a certain extent at the same time to test the spring, internal materials and fabric durability.