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Knowledge | The origin and classification of mattress

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Knowledge | The origin and classification of mattress

Knowledge | The origin and classification of mattress
Today we talk about mattresses, a household item that may accompany people for a third of their lives.
Thekingdom memory foam mattress is an item between the human body and the bed used to ensure that consumers get a healthy and comfortable sleep. There are manyking size roll up memory foam mattress materials, andking size memory foam mattress pricees made of different materials can bring different sleep effects to people.
The origin of theking size memory foam mattress hotel
In 1881, in a small town on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, USA, a tampon maker named Daniel Haynes began the production of a tamponking size mattress memory foam;
In 1900, US Simmons, pocket springking size mattress gel foam;
In the early 20th century, Dan Luofu, rubber foam cushion;
In 1932, Italy, Mario Berrigue, used polyurethane foam for cushions;
During the Second World War, Germany, Louis Kaulani, also designed an ovalking size mattress foam, which was divided into soft, medium and hard parts according to the body pressure of the human body lying on different parts of theking size gel memory foam mattress. Keep human bones in optimal condition.
Classification ofking size gel memory foam mattresses
With the continuous progress of material civilization and technological process, the types ofking size gel foam mattresses used by modern people have gradually diversified, mainly including: springking size foam mattresses, palmking size foam latex mattresses, latexking latex memory foam mattresses, waterKing foam mattresses, raised beveled ridge protectionkids foam mattresses, airjapan memory foam mattressesimport memory foam mattresses, magnetichotel memory foam mattress kinges, etc. Among thesehotel mattress with memory foames, springhotel hard foam mattresses account for a larger proportion.
Palmhotel foam mattress
It is made of palm fiber. It is generally hard in texture, or slightly soft in hardness. Thehotel collection memory foam mattress price is relatively low. When used, it has a natural palm odor, poor durability, easy to collapse and deformation, poor support performance, poor maintenance, easy to moth or mold, etc.
Latexhostel foam mattress
It is divided into synthetic latex and natural latex. Synthetic latex is derived from petroleum and lacks elasticity and ventilation. Natural latex is derived from rubber trees. Natural latex emits a light milky fragrance, which is closer to nature, soft and comfortable, and has good ventilation. The oak protein in latex can inhibit the latent of pathogens and allergens, but the cost is high.
Springhome gel memory foam mattress
It has good breathability and impact resistance, and its softness and hardness and its support to the human body are relatively reasonable.
The spring bed arranged in a chain of springs may cause the cervical and lumbar spine muscles to be in a state of tension, stiff neck and shoulders, and sore waist.
Siliconehigh-density foam mattress
Automatically adjust to the most suitable softness and hardness of the human body, fully release the body pressure, provide complete support and comfortable support for all parts of the body.
Since the use of silicone inhigh resilient foam mattresses is a matter of recent years, the exact service life is not yet known, but laboratory tests have shown that its life should be up to 7 to 8 years.
Airhigh resilience foam
Folded as big as a pillow, it is very easy to carry and move, without having to move and throw away ahigh quality high density foam mattress.
Inflation is difficult to master, and inflation is too full (especially in summer) to break easily; a floating sensation during use interferes with sleep quality.
Magnetichigh quality gel memory foam mattress
Use magnetic biological effects to achieve calming and pain relief. Improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, and reduce the effect of hypertension.
Individuals who are particularly sensitive to magnetism or use it for too long will experience some side effects.
Waterhigh quality foam mattress
A waterhigh end memory foam mattress is a type ofhigh density sponge foam mattress. The main structure is that a water bag filled with water is placed in the bed frame. After energizing, it maintains the desired temperature. It also has a certain massage effect. Using the buoyancy principle, there is buoyancy sleep and dynamic Sleep, warm winter and cool summer, hyperthermia, etc.
3Dhigh density memory foam mattress
It is composed of double-sided mesh cloth and middle connecting wire. The double-sided mesh cloth determines the unmatched breathability of traditional materials. The middle connecting wire is 0.18mm thick polyester monofilament, which guarantees the resilience of 3D mesh cloth.
Different people's needs forhigh density foam mattress pricees
Children'sgood night memory foam mattress
The choice ofgood memory foam mattress is to see whether thegood foam mattress can provide enough support for the child's shoulders, waist and hips, so that his spine maintains a natural physiological neutral position.
Choose agel-infused memory foam mattress based on the difference in height and weight. It is not a small "adultgel memory foam mattress rolling packing" and is not suitable for being too soft or too hard.
Adultgel memory foam mattress roll in box
Test the comfort and elasticity of thegel memory foam mattress king; consider the size of thegel memory foam mattress box.
According to personal sleep habits, choose well-known brands with good after-sales service.
The weight, height and personal habits of each person are different, so thegel mattress foam kingses are different.
Middle-aged and elderlygel mattress foames
Size: Personal height plus 20 cm is most appropriate;
Soft and hard elastic: thegel infused memory foam mattress of the elderly should not be too soft;
Individual differences The hardness of thegel foam cooling mattress is related to height and weight;
Curve fit: the best fit between the body curve and thegel foam bed mattress;