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Is the firmer the better?

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Is the firmer the better?

Is the firmer the better?
A mattress that is too hard will put pressure on the body
Many people firmly believe that sleeping on a "hard bed" is better for the spine, but in fact, a hard mattress is not good.
When the surface of the body comes into contact with a harder bed board, the more prominent parts of the body will bear all the pressure of the body like a "stent", which will cause pain and affect blood circulation over time, causing frequent turning over during sleep and greatly reducing the quality of sleep. Medical pressure sores are caused by similar reasons.
A mattress that is too soft will cause back pain
If the mattress is too soft, the sleeping posture will be inappropriate. The waist, where the body's center of gravity is located, will fall excessively with gravity. This will cause excessive kyphosis of the spine, especially the lumbar spine, which is exactly the opposite of the natural physiological curve of the human body.
In order to keep the spine normal, the small muscle groups around the spine will contract and maintain stability. Over time, the small muscle groups will become fatigued, resulting in symptoms of stiffness and swelling, so back pain will occur.
Therefore, the mattress is too soft or too hard. It is a "good mattress" that is neither soft nor hard, and has enough support.
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