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Is the Diglant mattress of good quality?

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Is the Diglant mattress of good quality?

Is the Diglant mattress of good quality?

Here are more comments on the quality and durability of the Diglant mattress:

4, because bought thought very good, really good, to the heart recommend!And a gift, yes!

5, is a good mattress is very comfortable with brown taste but did not make people think that is not comfortable customer service is really hard will continue to buy back five-star praise

6, there is no taste, big brand really good!It is very suitable for children to use, the gift is very intimate

7, there is no smell, before bought a big natural mattress to boy sleep, this time between a few brands in the last hesitation and bought a big natural, is to this kind of full brown pad, do not have springs to be most suitable for the development of the period of youth, big brand quality trust

8, the treasure received before going abroad, the taste is a little big, put on the balcony to breathe, hope to come back after 15 days can be used.Thank you for your hospitality.

9, I like this harder mattress, the workmanship is good, sleep is comfortable, customer service is also very patient, the natural service is very attentive, the delivery master position is also very good

10, good, and I bought the same foundation in physical stores, physical stores more than 3,000.

11, the seller handle business position as usual good this thickness high box bed is enough

12, to meet the present is the wind loose taste hardness suitable for the old man to sleep