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How to clear up the urine stain, blood stain on mattess?Teach you a few easy to solve!

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How to clear up the urine stain, blood stain on mattess?Teach you a few easy to solve!

How to clear up the urine stain, blood stain on mattess?Teach you a few easy to solve!
Choosing a good natural latex mattress brands is especially important,
It helps us sleep better
And different crowd also can have different demand to mattess
What do you know about natural latex mattress brandses?
How to choose a natural latex double mattress
How to choose children natural latex bed memory mattress?
Children should sleep a little hard mattess, but not as hard as possible, the natural latex baby mattress is too hard and can not provide enough support to the waist, can cause the body of the upper thoracic and cervical spine naturally would lean forward, thereby affecting the spine and development of the child is a good children natural hard mattress can effective support to the S type composition, can guarantee the natural comfort mattress under the hips and lower back concave, convex to the force on the waist and neck.
The hard place is hard, the soft place is soft, at the same time, should pay attention to choose the natural coconut fibre mattress that can be taken apart when choosing children natural coconut fiber mattress, convenient clean and maintain the child sleep health.
How to choose the old man natural coconut  mattress?
Should undertake choosing according to the mornification habit of the old person and physiology characteristic, generally speaking, old person matress appropriate is hard unfavorable soft, too soft bed, the oppression of human body weight can make the bed is medium low, periphery is tall, the normal that affects old person lumbar gives birth to rightness degree.
The waist of some old people is not very good, too soft bed can cause the contraction of lumbar muscle, ligament instead, nervous reach convulsion, aggravating lumbar unwell further.Secondly, the elderly sleep shallow, night turn over more times than adults, when the purchase of my latex mattresses, should pay attention to the quiet sex of most comfortable mattresses.
How to choose a most comfortable latex mattress for young people?
Adult skeleton development is basically completed, when choosing mattess, can choose according to the preference of individual body to soft hard and perceptual flexibility.On softness, can slant appropriately soft, soft bed can relieve body tension, relax body and mind.But unfavorable sleep too soft mattess, no matter what age group, too soft mattess because did not provide enough support to the body, can affect vertebra normal physiology condition.
The weight is heavier, can choose a few hard mattess, have bearing force to the body, husband and wife can choose independent spring mattess, at the same time, when young person chooses mattess, also can consider to prevent mite more, craft, the mattess added value such as brand.
most comfortable hotel mattress cleaning method
We all know that bed products need to be cleaned frequently, such as sheets and sheets, but it is convenient to throw them into the washing machine.What about the modern mattress?What do you do if you get dirty?
In fact, cleaning the mini mattress is not a big project, with the right method, a few minutes to clean!
Clean the upper and lower surface of matress with vacuum cleaner, dirt such as dirt cleans up clean, especially in slot of groove, more should clingy take a good suck, the besmirch that can not see with naked eye is cleared clean.
Prepare a box of baking soda and a flour sifter. Pour the baking soda into the flour sifter and sprinkle it evenly on the memory sponge mattress. Let it stand for about 1 hour.
Next, clean memory latex mattress with vacuum cleaner, in the process, can flap memory gel mattress, let the dust that hides in sponge layer raise, facilitate clean more thoroughly.
If the memory gel foam mattress smells bad, add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil to baking soda.
The memory form mattress has been used for a long time,
Inevitably there will be some stubborn stains,
For these stains, we can clean them according to different conditions:
Mix 250ml hydrogen peroxide + 3 teaspoons baking soda +1 drop dishwashing liquid well.The mixed solvent is then sprayed on the urine stain. After about 10 minutes, the stain will be gone.
Alternatively, spray the area with white vinegar, let it sit for an hour, then clean it by pressing it with a cold wet towel (no circles to prevent the stain from widening) and blow dry with a hair dryer.
For fresh blood stains, use ginger!Ginger relaxes and dissolves protein stains when rubbed against the blood. It also bleaches by dripping ginger water and wiping it with a cold cloth.
If old blood is stained, can gush the medical hydrogen peroxide water of concentration 3%, wipe with cold water dishcloth likewise!
Drink stains
Can be removed with alcohol, but to avoid wiping on alcohol after besmirch is diffused on mattess, can dip in with the towel with good water absorption on alcohol is wiped carefully again.
It can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.Take 250ml hydrogen peroxide, add 3 tablespoons baking soda, and add 2 drops bleach.Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the sweat stains on the memory foam mattress bed.If the yellow sweat stains are more stubborn, you can dip in with a toothbrush to take cleaning agent gently scrub, then stand for 1 hour, you will find that the yellow sweat stains disappeared.
After cleaning, to wait until the memory coil mattress dry after use oh ~
The maintenance method of mattess
1. Keep the memory bed mattress dry
Dip in water to clean medicated orthopedic mattress, want to dip in dry with clean dishcloth after it, again ventilated.
2. Tear off the protective film on the mattresses spring mattress
To save trouble, convenient, do not tear the mattresses online cheap protective film, so the mattresses manufacturing supplies is the most easy to be affected by moisture, mildew, bacteria, affect the health.What's more, plastic membranes are also harmful to the human respiratory system.
3. The mattresses for sale cheap bed should be flipped regularly
The mattess that buys new every 2-3 months positive and negative, about, before and after mutual adjustment, can make mattess force more even, prolong service life.
4. The mattresses for hotel bed should be cleaned regularly
Change with the sheet and quilt cover simultaneously.
5, the four corners of the mattress to care
The 4 horn of mattess is very flimsy, often sit lie, can make spring loses action.