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How to choose soft and hard mattress?

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How to choose soft and hard mattress?

How to choose soft and hard mattress?

Mattress is the carrier of sleep, the quality of sleep depends on the bamboo mattress in a box to some extent.Too soft the mattess of perfect hard is inappropriate mattess, this kind of mattess brought very big influence to people's healthy life to a certain extent.So, aim at the soft hard of mattess, what place should notice when choosing?Let's find out.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a bed inflatable mattress

One, different crowd chooses different mat

Should choose different mat according to the different crowd, for instance old people is easy osteoporosis, lumbar leg aches and so on, so mattess cannot too soft.Another example is growing teenager, need to sleep a few harder mattess is better.

The word that general adult USES depends on his circumstance, mattess needs to prop up the body, the requirement of body curve when meeting morpheus.Still have pregnant woman to also want to pay attention to soft hard degree when choosing mattess, cannot too soft or too hard, lest bad to the fetus.

Two, mattress material

Generally speaking, mattess material slants soft have spring mattess, latex mattess, the mattess of this kind of material often slants soft.At this point, you need to judge whether it is appropriate according to your own situation.

Slant hard mattess material has plank bed, coconut palm mattess, what this kind of material presents commonly is slant hard.So, when you choose, try lying down for yourself and see if you fit in.

Of course, there are also moderate types of latex bed mattress, such as the memory foam, which was developed by NASA to relieve pressure on astronauts when they were off the ground and later used in household bedding.DIGLANT mattress is one of the brands, DIGLANT developed a non-thermal memory cotton, this material is different from the traditional memory cotton, the four seasons are the same degree of soft and hard, very comfortable.

DIGLANT mattress introduction

First, scientific ridge protection

DIGLANT adopts zero pressure cotton, which can fit the curve of the body. When lying on the mattress, every part of the body can get pressure release, which can decompose the pressure well, so as to play a good role in protecting the spine.No matter how to lie down, all very comfortable, also very close.

Two, support the body, 0 rebound

comfort foam mattress has a strong viscoelastic, can effectively carry the weight of the body, support the body, so the human body will be very relaxed, and enjoy a good sleep.

And mattress compression is not immediately rebound, 0 rebound, but slowly recover to the original state, so that people do not feel the effect of pressure.For some people with back and leg pain this is undoubtedly a kind of welfare, can be effectively alleviated.Health is the root of life.

Compared with the high rebound of latex mattress, the spring mattress on the market will appear the problem of collapse, let the consumer's body and mind be seriously affected.DIGLANT pressure mattress 0 rebound, can be said to let the body get relaxed, not oppressed, thus to enjoy a healthy sleep prepared for the full conditions.

The soft and hard of mattess is very important, it concerns comfortable uncomfortable not only, it concerns healthy more important, cannot careless so.When choosing the soft hard of mattess, must make a choice according to specific circumstance, the mattess that chooses a moderate hard and soft is equal to choosing good sleep, chose healthy life style, you must take seriously.