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How to choose a mattress? Do not know the mattress style

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How to choose a mattress? Do not know the mattress style

How to choose a mattress? Do not know the mattress style

Today we continue to pick up foam mattress queen.

Recently, people have been confined to their homes because of the outbreak.The time in the bedroom is 2--3 times as usual, from the bedroom to the living room, the living room to the dining room, the dining room to the toilet, around a circle, or the bed is comfortable.

It has been closed at home for a whole month, and my elegance mattress has been teased by my spouse and children.Move to now, has been used for more than 7 years, from the original two people world, into the present three family.

The children's growth records are left on the memory foam mattress set, from the mattress fabric, you can travel around the world!

Also have a friend send WeChat messages come over, say the memory foam spring mattress in the home is more sleep more tired, buy a mattress again certain to choose the newest, comfortable.What kind of mattress is comfortable?This elder brothers looked on the net a few days, ask me which kind of mattress just good.

Today we come to chat about the various styles of spring mattress king size, after all the style and mattress comfort has a direct relationship?

Mattress style, is also from the most basic start, slowly iterative, rich product series and appearance, style innovation is one of the sources of manufacturers' profits, so a successful style will bring a lot of income to the factory.

Ordinary style is our most common, is the top and bottom two sides, the middle is a spring or a brown core.Take a look at the picture:

This is the basic model of the mattress, also known as the ordinary two sides of the mattress.Craft is simple, do rise to compare fast, Labour cost is also relatively cheap, do batch mattess, can improve efficiency, also be the product with relatively high cost performance of each manufacturer.

02 bevel three-sided style

This style looks more comfortable than ordinary ones.Because it added cushion on top, also can call small mattress, the purpose is to increase comfort, such mattess, can make soft hard two sides, also added a selling point.

We can see clearly, increased comfortable layer above, cover with mattess outside, spread sheet can use, need not oneself again spread mattress etc.

However, this kind of process is more complicated than ordinary style, and it will also use more raw materials, and the labor cost will be slightly higher.Of course, the price will be higher than the ordinary model, and the manufacturer's profit will be more.

This style has high technical requirements for the machines and workers in the factory. If the technology is not good, it will greatly affect the appearance of the product, and it is difficult to reflect the fullness and comfort of the product.


Vertical three-sided style

This is a common style of high-end cheap twin mattress set, we can see on the Internet, many stores define this style as "luxury three-sided".

The red arrow below is the support layer, which is the spring part of the mattress.The red arrow above is the comfort layer of the mattress.

The springs of the support layer are combined with the comfort layer to create a soft and hard custom foam mattress.Now inside the mattress as a comfort layer has: latex, memory cotton, sponge, 3D, soybean cotton, etc., we have introduced before, not to say.

The ply of this kind of mattess is 25, 30 centimeter commonly, suit to use in leather bed, cloth art bed and Europe type bed.This kind of design, the mattess that makes, because of material union collocation, comfortable degree is very high, also be the profit product of each manufacturer.


Complete design

Full style, also called bread mat.We can't see the upper and lower sides of the mattress, the whole mattress is zipped.The purpose is to let the customer when buying, can see the material inside the mattress, clearly consumption, is also a selling point.

Some shop assistants will say, this is all can be removed and washed, but you must not, because the fabric quilting is sponge, can not wash.It can seriously damage the fabric of the mattress.

Above is our introduction to the mattress style, a mattress store is basically this style of products.

In fact, the style is the manufacturer in order to distinguish the product, improve the product profit and design, in our use process, there is no obvious difference.As long as the material with good, good mattress support, hard and soft to meet the needs, is a good mattress.

I do not know what kind of problems you have, you can continue to pay attention to, we take a mattress unknown insider.




How to choose a mattress? There are a few questions that must be answered

There is no perfect product, only the right product.The choice of mattess, individual difference is very big, did not try ahead of time, unavoidably can appear inappropriate circumstance, want to solve at the first time as manufacturer affirmation.

However, there are some problems, we as a customer, before buying a mattress, must also do some work, to avoid some low-level mistakes, leading to the mattress is not suitable, back and forth exchange, not only delay time and increase the cost.

We are going to talk to you today, before buying a mattress, what should we determine?



Size, that is, the size of the mattress.A lot of people say, I don't know how big my mattress is. Do you know it better than I do?

What I want to say to you is, this kind of person return true a lot of, size is wrong, change again, can bear oneself to deliver a charge.

The standard size of the mattress we use now is 2.0 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, 1.5 meters and 1.2 meters wide.But before, the bed of a few uncle, aunt home is 1.9 meters at the end of 90 years, change mattess in the home, take for granted think all are same length, cause mattess is decided wrong, cannot use.

In another case, a 1.5-meter bed at home was sold for a 1.8-meter mattress.Why this mistake?

Because 1.5 meters is also a double bed, look big at home.When buying mattess, in the specialty store, also be to buy double mattess, because the space of bazaar is bigger, the mattess that puts 1.8 meters, look also not big, feel is same size, after delivering a delivery certainly cannot use, both sides of mattess is hanged, must make to order again.

This is a very basic mistake, but every year this customer gets the size wrong.


The thickness of the

This is also a very common mistake.Change a mattress at home, must carry a good measure of thickness, originally the home needs simmons mattress, but bought a brown pad;Some need brown mat, bought a simmons, the result is the same, certainly can't use.

Another kind of circumstance is, bespoke furniture is very popular now, because be according to the space in the home bespoke, so space utilization ratio is very high.

Tatami is almost the standard accessory for second bedrooms, but when it comes to making mattresses, it's easy to make mistakes.The cabinet of tatami, have sliding door, also have open a door, sliding door has little effect to the thickness of mattess, but open a door must consider mattess ply, otherwise the cabinet cannot open at all.

The bed board of custom-made tatami rice is board, very hard, a lot of friends want to match the mattess of soft dot, it is thickening tall bounce palm is latex, but put in the home to make worry.The mattress is comfortable, the cabinet can not be used.



We chatted before, the soft hardness of mattess must be to want to choose suit oneself.

In buying a process actually, a lot of people are those who be affected by the friend around, for instance: soft mattess is bad to the waist, choose hard, the harder better, they also do not know, what concept is hard mattess, used hind lumbar sour backache, must replace.

Still have a few people, heard the noun of a few mattess, what stand alone tube, latex, do not affect turn over etc.In fact, they don't know whether the independent cylinder is right for them.Independent tube characteristic slant soft, but he should choose hard mattess however, try to sit to say your product is not good, too soft.

In fact, these people do not understand, are hearsay, one-sided understanding, mistake ignorance as the truth.

These are three of the most common mistakes you can make. Sometimes, it's not the product that's wrong, it's your preconceptions, your misinformation and your guidance.

Turnip cabbage each has a love, must choose according to their actual situation, to avoid these stupid mistakes.



Why use a spinal mattress?

So how do we predict and solve these problems?

Besides our daily life and work, we should pay attention to our posture, especially when using electronic products such as mobile phones.Then there's the importance of sleep time -- after all, we spend a third of our waking hours watching TV.Sleeping in the wrong position can also cause problems in the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

It is recommended that everyone take their sleeping position seriously - not necessarily in a hard bed.Just think, let you sleep on the SLATE for a long time, if you like the following kind of lying like a bow to sleep, it is not difficult to think, in the long run, what will become of the spine

Obviously, this position corrects the spine, especially the cervical spine.Because you can sleep on your back, it's easy to hold on.Generally a correction of three hours or so, a day can be carried out twice, after the completion of the habit of sending on the pillow can be filled in, can be used as an ordinary mattress.Therefore, the modern use of a ridge mattress is still very necessary, especially for those who lack exercise time, the use of a ridge mattress is more necessary.