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How to choose a mattress?

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How to choose a mattress?

How to choose a mattress?3 myths you can't miss
One mistake: brown pads are better than spring honey mattresses.
Answer: this is another one size fits all thinking.
Brown mat series have good products, but also unqualified inferior quality products;Spring soft foam mattress series also have a good comfort sleep mattress, there are also shoddy products.
North USES commonly tall box bed, the bed takes box body to be able to deposit clothings, can match only thin palm pad, so the proportion of palm pad exceeded spring natural foam mattress, not be palm pad is certain than spring matress memory foam is good.
Error two: of mattess soft hard, press with the hand can feel come out, need not try to lie at all.
Answer: we choose mattess to want to decide first choose soft still choose hard.Many people prefer to press directly with their fists, or with their knees, trying hard and soft.
In fact, soft refers to the degree of fit with the body;It means the degree of support for the body.When we press with our fists or knees, the pressure point is very small, which is different from how the body feels after lying down.
The body lies flat, the contact area with mattess is the biggest, such the weight of the body is spread by mattess fabric even, be in namely imitate the feeling that sleeps, this kind of try to lie is the right method that chooses mattess.
Fabric and the body has not completely fit, spring to the body is there enough support, only try to lie to find the problem.
Mistake area 3: manufacturer said, keep with 10- 15 years, mattess is not bad need not change at all.
Answer: we can confirm quality assurance problem again with manufacturer, the quality assurance of mattess manufacturer is interior structure to guarantee to use 10 years commonly perhaps 15 years.Note the "internal structure," especially the kingsdown mattress price springs.
The characteristic of a spring is to press down and spring back up, so long as the standard wire is used, the spring will not wear out.But the outer layers are different.
Sponge, hollow cotton, coconut palm, memory cotton these matress material, pass the weight of long-term body, the gap between is squeezed, as time lengthen, the material such as sponge can age slowly, lose flexibility, so with the human body fit degree also more and more bad, use for a long time, can bring the body uncomfortable certainly.
Another reason is that the structure of our bodies, as we get older, also changes, and it may not be obvious from 20 to 30.However, from the age of 40 to 50, many people's physical fitness decline, bone density changes, spine is also slowly bending, so, kingdom mattress may not be suitable for the current body.
The bamboo bed mattress is not worn and then changed, but uncomfortable will be changed, the recommended use time is 3- 5 years.