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How to choose a mattress?

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How to choose a mattress?

How to choose a mattress? Many people wake up every day and feel that they haven't got enough sleep. They may even feel back pain, exertion, and tiredness. Maybe the mattress is not for you!
How to choose a mattress that suits you? Please keep this guide to picking a mattress to avoid pits, and let the editor teach you three tricks!
The first trick is to determine the size of the mattress
How big should the mattress be?
Let's first imagine that when you sleep soundly, and suddenly an arm is placed on your waist next to you, you will feel aggrieved even if you sleep soundly.
Therefore, within the maximum limit of the bedroom area, try to choose a larger size mattress. A 1.8m×2m mattress is recommended, which is a true double bed.
The second trick: choose material
There are many mattress materials on the market, and different materials can produce different effects.
Different materials have different effects
Independent cylinder spring: silent and anti-interference, after designing the partition, it can also provide exclusive support for different parts.
Latex: Good support, protect the lumbar spine, remove mites and bacteria, breathe and dehumidify.
Memory foam: high fit, zero pressure and slow rebound, can fully absorb pressure and give the body a balanced support.
3D material: The unique "X" structure can effectively support the human body curve. The six-sided ventilated hollow three-dimensional structure takes away moisture and stuffiness, and is dry and antibacterial.
3D material can also be fully breathable in 360 degrees, durable, and has strong support for the human body, making it more comfortable to sleep all night.
After figuring out the functions of different materials, you should choose mattresses of different materials according to your weight, height and other comprehensive factors.
The third measure determines the required hardness
This is the most important step in choosing a mattress. The hardness of the mattress has a very important effect on keeping the spine healthy. The human spine is an S-shaped curve viewed from the side.
If you sleep on a hard mattress for a long time, it cannot match the normal curve of the human spine, which will easily cause the deformation of the spine. Therefore, people with low back pain will only aggravate low back pain if they sleep on a hard bed!
Of course, a soft mattress is also unfriendly to the spine.
When a person lies on a soft mattress, the spine is curved. Uneven body force, concentrated force on the lower part of the body, will cause back strain, or cause diseases such as the spine.
Therefore, we have to choose the mattress with moderate hardness and the most suitable for ourselves. The question is what is a moderately hard mattress?
A moderately hard mattress can keep your spine level when sleeping on your side, and support the weight of your whole body evenly when sleeping on your back.
 How to choose a mattress with moderate hardness? In fact, the method is very simple, just try to sleep.
When choosing a mattress, you can try to sleep on the mattress for 20 minutes. Lie on your back and then on your side to feel the support of the lumbar spine. This can make your spine in a natural straight line. This is the right mattress for you.
A mattress that suits you can not only improve your sleep quality, but also give you plenty of energy to meet the daily challenges. Let's briefly introduce some actual installation sites of our mattresses. , Teach you to take a look today!