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How to choose a children's 12" gel memory foam mattress for house decoration?

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How to choose a children's 12" gel memory foam mattress for house decoration?

How to choose a children's 12" gel memory foam mattress for house decoration? Pay attention to 5 points!
House decoration, children's room renovation, children's 12 memory foam mattress should be selected, sleep is very important for children, so spend more time thinking on the mattress! How to choose a children's mattress? Pay attention to 5 points!
Point 1: The softness of the mattress
Children's mattresses should be moderately soft and stiff. Too soft mattresses are not good for the lumbar spine, and are prone to backache. Back to top, too firm mattresses have no support for the lumbar spine and are uncomfortable to hang.
Point 2: baby foam mattress fabric
The all natural memory foam mattress fabric should be porous and breathable, such as knitted fabric, jacquard fabric, cashmere fabric, linen fabric, etc.
Point 3: all memory foam mattress inner core
The inner core material of the all memory foam mattress should be environmentally friendly. Children should sleep in the bed for many hours every day, so when choosing the all memory foam mattress, you should ask what the inner core material is, whether glue is used, and whether it meets the environmental protection standard.
Point 4: all foam mattress thickness
Children's alibaba mattress memory foames are mostly 6-20cm thick. This depends on the height of the bed you are matching. If you pay more attention to the comfort of the alibaba foam mattress, it is recommended to choose the adjustable memory foam mattress first, set the height of the a memory foam mattress, and then choose the children's bed. The height of the child's bed + The height of the a compressed foam mattresses prices is about 40-44cm, and the height of the child's bed + 8" memory foam mattress is 40-60cm.
Point 5: 8 memory foam mattress direct factory cleaning
The surface fabric of the 8 memory foam mattress should be easy to clean, for example, it can be scrubbed with water or the surface layer can be removed, which is more convenient.
Which 8 inch memory foam mattress should I choose? These 5 children's 60 density foam mattresses are worth buying
Children's 6 memory foam mattress
Children's 6 inch foam mattresses are focused on children's spine protection. There are different 50 density foam mattresses for different ages. 5 star hotel hotel memory foam mattresses are the best plant 5 inch foam mattresses on the market. They are environmentally friendly without glue. There are many choices for thickness, from 6-20cm thick, which is more comprehensive to meet the needs of children of all ages. The surface is made of breathable linen fabric, which is refreshing and breathable, and the residual heat of the 40 memory foam mattress is discharged at any time. A layer of anti-mite DuPont cloth under the linen fabric is better for children with allergies. It can be disassembled for cleaning, clean and hygienic!
Children's 40 density foam sleepwell mattress
Children's 3d fabric foam mattresses are imported, a little expensive. Their Shustain child growth 3cm environmental memory foam  mattresses use full-area mesh springs with a layer of latex pads, which are paired with shock-absorbing and balanced cotton breathable layers. Spinal support needs at different ages.
3 layer foam mattress
Children's 3 inch memory foam mattress
The inner core of the 3 folding foam mattress is spring + latex. The knitted fabric is soft and breathable. It cannot be removed and washed. The surface needs to be cleaned! 20cm is too thick. Pay attention to this detail when starting.
The above is my personal summary of the 5 points to pay attention to when buying children's 15cm thin bed foam mattresses and 5 children's 14 inch memory foam mattresses worth buying. You can compare it. For home renovation and transformation of children's rooms, welcome to forward or collect