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How to buy a mattress ?

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How to buy a mattress ?

How to buy a mattress
Seeing Zhihu a question about "What furniture/household items can improve happiness?" The number of views was 1,293,838. The connection between happiness and household items and the level of interest for everyone is more than I thought People pay attention. To be honest, before this year, I always felt that only the "aged" people would pay more attention to the quality of life. After all, "bohemian" is the category of young people. Isn't buying clothes and electronic products popular? Why is happiness related to household goods? Until this long epidemic this year, I clearly realized that "ginger is still hot for old", household goods and life happiness are too much connected.
Although everyone’s annual wish in 2020 is "to be alive", for me to be "alive" with quality and a sense of happiness is to sleep well. It is really too stressful in life this year, and I am afraid that my body will suffer. Problems, worry about the children going to school, worry about the decline in family income, have to converge on the living conditions of gatherings, traveling, and re-examine the living conditions and plan for the future.
After a day’s work and lying in bed, what I want most is to sleep in seconds, but the mattress at home is too hard for me, and I suddenly fall asleep with backaches. I think about why I bought this mattress. The reason is that I think my husband likes to sleep on a harder mattress. I thought I could just use it, but as time goes by, I will understand the truth that "days will never come", but I can't sleep in separate beds. Sleeping like this every day is not suitable for your mattress, especially when you toss and turn and can’t sleep at night, you hear the thunder of snoring beside you, after experiencing countless nights like this, in a moment of irritability that cannot be stressed. , I finally said to him very seriously that it is time to change the mattress. This time, I will definitely not stop.
To share with you today, I will take you into consideration when changing the bed:
1. Good support
The body is curved, and the obvious curved parts of the waist and hips are well supported, so that you can experience comfort. When sleeping on a poor quality mattress, the weight of the hips and shoulders will squeeze the mattress, and the waist will hang in the air due to lack of support, which will tend to skew the spine over time.
From the medical point of view, many experts believe that a good mattress plays a very important role in providing correct support and comfort. In fact, most doctors in the treatment of spine and back diseases will ask the patient what kind of bed they are using. For a bed that is uneven or has been severely sunken, the doctor will also advise the patient to change the bed to avoid mental insomnia caused by uneven mattress. And physical diseases.
2. Sleep comfortably
The feeling of sleep is a relatively subjective concept, just like the mattress that has always troubled me before is that the mattress is hard, my body tells me it is uncomfortable, but my husband feels very comfortable. Sleeping comfort really differs from person to person. If you sleep alone, everything will be fine. Just choose one that is comfortable for you to lie down. If two people sleep with similar requirements for sleep, it will be more harmonious, but if two people sleep The requirements for sleep sensation are quite different. It is very important to choose a mattress with different left and right hardness.
3. Quality assured
After solving the problems of comfort and support, you must carefully study the product quality. First of all, mattresses are large household items. It is more troublesome to return and exchange, and it is not easy to transport. The weight alone discourages many girls. Secondly, a person spends 1/3 of his life in bed, and he will have a blind date with the mattress skin every day. Good antibacterial properties can also avoid skin problems. At the same time, the air permeability of the mattress is also more important, especially the hot and airtight mattresses in summer are easy to accumulate moisture, which affects the user's health and the life of the mattress. Of course, it is best to choose the visible inner core of the mattress when buying a mattress, and you can be assured of seeing it; finally, remember to consider whether the formaldehyde content of the mattress meets the standard. Combining the above three important directions, the 8H adaptive soft and hard adjustable smart mattress has solved the different needs of my husband and I on the soft and hard mattresses. Through the AI ​​sleep system built in the mattress, the human body lies on it. The softness and hardness of the mattress can be adjusted in 20 seconds, and finally you can find a mattress suitable for your own sleeping feeling without "separating the bed". And this mattress with 6 zone airbags and independent pocket springs is very supportive with the latex layer.
What surprises me is that I can also generate sleep reports to understand my sleep status every day.
The above mattress purchase tips are for your reference. I hope you can buy the mattress you like.