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How does the mite bug on mattress kill?

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How does the mite bug on mattress kill?

How does the mite bug on mattress kill?
Mites can appear in any place in your life, like a dual pocket spring mattress, quilts, pillows quality is there will be a mite, in recent years, with the improvement of daily life level, people pay more and more attention to health problems, although we often clean the room, some people also often clean the dream star bedroom spring mattress, is still on the dream rest mattress can cause a lot of mites, everyone knows mite is very big to the harm of human skin.
How does the mite bug on dream collection memory foam mattress kill?
1, the dirty that USES relevant appliance to mat surface layer above all clean clean clean, sprinkle of baking soda even and next in cushion surface layer, after setting still half an hour, the peculiar smell on mattess was eliminated, undertake clean with vacuum cleaner again next, the besmirch on the mattess additionally, can undertake pressing type clean with wet towel first.
2, to new mat will tell, in the first year that use, should every 3 months positive and negative, left and right each turn, make cushion spring is forced more even, after about every half a year turn can, additional mattess is wiped hind should blow dry immediately with hairdryer, beat at ordinary times much also can mattess keep clean.
Other ways to remove mites
1. High temperature cleaning and insolation
Generally speaking, mites will die after about 15 minutes of exposure, so it is recommended that every half a month will be mat, quilt, such as two to three hours on the sun, the best choice of strong light 11 o 'clock to 15 o 'clock, in the sun also beat the quilt, mites limb debris and excrement shake off.
2, frozen
For some of the bed items not easy to wash, it is recommended to use plastic wrap up, and then put in the refrigerator to refrigerate 6~24 hours, the death rate of mites can reach 70%, and then exposure and beating.
3. Keep the room ventilated
Because this kind of pathogen likes to live in damp condition, so should ensure indoor good ventilated, also can kill mite bug on certain level so, in additional every morning after wake up remember to want to open a window, so be helpful for ventilated, return the dirty air of one night educates outdoor.
Ways to prevent down topper mattress mites
Every month as far as possible will sheet, sheet is put into the water such as 60℃ clean, in order to facilitate the killing hides in among them germ, do not spread carpet in bedchamber additionally, can lay floor tile or wood floor, wipe the ground with wet mop everyday, keep air dry, ventilated, reduce dirt as far as possible.
double usage foam mattress mites in addition to matters needing attention
Has grown to such pathogens bedchamber, must can adopt some remedial measures, for example can reduce indoor dust condition, as far as possible make the infected dust mites and other mold cannot waft through the air, and if conditions permit, can be used in the bedroom air cleaner, help to filter out the allergens in the air.