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How do patients with low back pain choose a mattress?

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How do patients with low back pain choose a mattress?

How do patients with low back pain choose a mattress?
It is well known that sleep is important for everyone. Sleep is the basis of Ankang. A good quality of sleep can ensure a good mental state throughout the day and good sleep in order to make the body healthier. Therefore, choosing a suitable memory foam single bed mattress price can not only create a comfortable sleeping condition but also benefit the body.
Long-term wrong sleeping positions, especially the use of inappropriate memory foam sleeping mattress pricees, will cause displacement of the vertebral condyles and stimulate nerves inside the spine, causing organs controlled by the nerves to gradually lose normal function.
Some people prefer softer ones when choosing memory foam sponge mattresses. As everyone knows, a memory foam sports mattress that is too soft may sag too much when lying down, and the spine may be too curved to relax. If it is a teenager, it may even affect physical development. Some people prefer a harder memory foam super king size mattress, but the harder memory foam super king size mattress will cause the back nerves of the human body to be compressed and affect blood circulation. As a result, people will roll more times during sleep and cannot fully rest. Therefore, choosing the right memory foam thin foam mattress is very important.
Choosing a memory foam thin mattress is very important, and it is not a good idea to go up and lie down and feel comfortable. A good memory foam twin mattress should hold the spine horizontally while sleeping in the supine position on the side of the human body. When sleeping, the average weight of the whole body should be supported.
In order to facilitate everyone's understanding and understanding of memory foam vacuum mattress types, I will briefly introduce the characteristics of several memory mattress foames.
1. Spring modern foam mattress
This type of natural bamboo foam mattress is more common and more common. Good elasticity, strong air permeability, high hardness. But care should be taken. If there are children who often play "jump trampoline" on it, the softer part of the natural bamboo latex foam mattress will collapse. People will feel the spring of the inner core when sleeping. So we must pay attention to this point.
2. Latex natural foam mattress
The area of ​​the latex natural latex foam mattress that touches the human body is higher than that of other materials. The support that can evenly disperse the pressure of the human body to achieve all aspects has the function of correcting bad sleeping positions. Low noise and no vibration will have a good effect on people with light sleep. But latex natural latex memory foam mattresses also have some disadvantages. It can make some people allergic and relatively expensive.
3. Palm natural memory foam mattress
The hardness of palm is relatively moderate. It is woven from palm fiber, so the flexibility is particularly good. There will be a natural palm smell. However, it is easy to collapse and deform and needs maintenance. If the maintenance is not good, it will form moth or mold.
4. Inflatable natures foam bed mattress
This kind of new foam mattress is easier for everyone to understand. This type of new memory foam mattress is generally used when traveling, because it is convenient to carry. And it has good flexibility and elasticity. Because the gas is flowing, improper inflation may cause uneven distribution of force points.
By comparing the above types of non-slip foam mattresses, have you found the one that suits you? If you are still not sure, let's take a look at the detailed method of selecting on sell memory foam mattresses.
1. Choose a organic gel foam mattress based on weight
People who are lighter weight need to sleep softer and those who are heavier weight should sleep harder, so the pressure distribution of the human body will be more even.
2. Choose a organic gel foam mattress based on gender
Women ’s hips are usually wider than their waists. orthopedic foam mattresses that fit a softer body contour are more appropriate. The weight of men is mostly distributed on the torso, so the outdoor foam mattress should choose a harder texture.
3. The bigger the bed, the better
In the bedroom, the bed and outdoor folded foam mattress should be as large as possible. In this way, people can lie around freely at any time. There is no restraint because the bed is small, so that the body cannot stretch at will. At present, the standard size of a double bed is 1.8m × 2m. If it is customized, the size of a bed or perfect sleep foam mattress should be 10cm higher than my height.
4. The partner chooses the perfect sleep memory foam mattress
If the weight difference between the partners and the difference in body shape are large, it is recommended to choose a custom pillow top foam mattress. Can meet the different needs of partners. Partners should pay more attention to pillow top latex foam mattress selection. An average person turns more than 20 times a night. If the partner ’s pillow top mattress latex foam chooses improper sleep, it may affect each other and not get a good sleeping environment. In addition to custom-made mattresses, a more convenient way is to add suitable padding on one side of the bed to meet different needs.