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How bad is the mattress in the rental house?

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How bad is the mattress in the rental house?

How bad is the mattress in the rental house?
"What if the mattress in the rental house is uncomfortable?", I instantly recalled the fear of being dominated by the garbage orthopedic bed mattress.
The standard for renting youths is "a cheap garbage spring mat for intermediaries" + "bed sheets".
And the common problem of these cottage spring pads is: "The bed surface is hard and the spring is loose." When I woke up, I was sore all over, I turned over and hit my arms, I sat on my buttocks, and I was lying down.
Xiao Er thought about simmoning his own teeth, but it was unrealistic.
The price of a good Simmons is easily seven or eight thousand, can not afford it; moving is not convenient, if you want to move a 200*180*30cm spring pad, I will numb my scalp.
To take a step back, the landlord also disagreed, he was reluctant to throw it, and left the orthopedic latex mattress behind.
Whenever this happens, your willingness to buy a house is particularly strong (and you can only think about it).
It is uncomfortable and cannot be changed. The best way is to add a layer of latex outdoor bed mattresses between the spring pad and the bed sheet.
Many people think of cotton pillow top mattresses or sponges, but neither of them will work. Cotton has no support, it will harden after a long sleep, and it has no effect when it is compacted. Is it possible to play cotton, half a catty of cotton will be eight or eight? Sponges are even worse, burning panic.
Latex pillow top sleepwell mattresses are much better, soft, and supportive, and can be taken away after moving a roll.
At present, the big-name tens of thousands of Simmons pocket coil mattresses are mostly composed of spring + latex filling layer. But because of the high cost, the general latex layer is only about 1cm thick.
Latex pocket coil spring mattress is easy to move ▼
Last year's Double 11 year, I was so busy that I didn't get black and white and basically fell asleep at home. Two thousand rented single rooms, most of the time on the bed, but made a sleep pocket spring mattress made sleep bad, too bad.
Thinking about it, I might have to rent a house for many years, so Xiao Er immediately figured it out and bought a DIGLANT latex pocket spring queen mattress.
Visible 5cm thick natural latex, spread on the spring cushion, was comfortable at the time, just like lying on a cloud. After more than half a year, I feel that the money is really worth the money.
How comfortable it is, you can ask the friends who bought it.
What is the experience of a pure latex mattress that makes many girls think about wanting to sleep? You can't imagine that kind of happiness.
Everyone knows that latex queen bed and mattresses are comfortable, but I don’t know why they’re comfortable without sleeping in person. Primary 2 will share with you his own experience.
When sleeping, the bed should not be too hard or too soft.
The curvature of the spine is an S-shaped curve, lying on a queen mattress set that is too hard, the waist will hang, and the buttocks, the body has not been completely relaxed overnight, and the bones of the next day are like being crushed and crushed by the train.
If the bed is too soft, the support will not work, and your body will sag when you lie down. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel like motion sickness. If you are sad, you will die. If you take a long time, your spine will deform.
This latex queen size beds and mattress is comfortable because it has good support.
It is soft enough to adapt to the body curve whether lying down or lying on the side; it is also hard enough to let the waist and back fall completely and relax.
In addition to good support, another advantage of this latex queen size latex mattress is anti-interference.
People who sleep lightly are actually particularly afraid of the movement of the person next to the pillow. The end of the bed is turned over so that the whole person is swaying at the end of the bed.
Everyone has also seen the animation of putting wine glasses on the latex queen size mattress and stepping on the eggs on the Internet. The anti-interference ability of the latex is evident.
To use an inappropriate metaphor to describe, the wife didn't know that it was stable until midnight.
But to clarify with everyone, the above pictures are all taken with a latex rest mattress on a hardboard bed. The spring bed itself has its own elasticity and cannot be so stable.
But a latex roll foam mattress weighs two to thirty pounds, plus the stability of its own material, it will indeed be a lot more stable when sleeping, and some small movements have no effect.
There are five layers secretly hidden under the refreshing and breathable high-density woven mesh fabric, the purpose is to breathe, moisture, dust, mites, and antibacterial.
The intimate design of the two-layer zipper can be removed and cleaned when the outer layer is dirty. In contrast, some roll up mattresses can't be cleaned once installed. It can be imagined how dirty. .
This latex rollable mattress is available in three thicknesses of 3cm, 5cm and 7.5cm, and the price is also different.
The second recommendation is to buy the most expensive you can afford, because the thicker the more comfortable.
The thicker the latex pad, the more obvious the feeling of being stuck in the whole body. The thickness of 5cm used by Xiaoer himself was dragged by the thin wallet.
Regarding the price, many poor friends are too expensive. Why should latex rolled mattresses be so expensive?
Xiao Er will help you calculate the book. Latex rolled pocket spring mattresses and latex pillows are natural latex imported from Thailand. If you calculate the area, a royal sleep mattress will have a dozen pillows.
How much is a latex pillow? How much is 10 latex pillows? This is not to say that the multi-layer composite process of the shape memory mattress is a little more complicated.
Furthermore, how thin is the latex layer of more than 10,000 spring single matresses in a five-star hotel? There are a lot of dismantling videos on the Internet, and everyone can find out how conscience they have on the black market.
Xiao Er thinks this latex single mattress is worth it.
In the past six months, Primary 2 spent 1/3 of its time lying on it. It is very comfortable to lie on it each time, and I have to rent a house for many years. This latex sleep easy mattress can still serve for many years.
Now ordering 5cm and 7cm (1.8*2m or 1.5*2m), each bed will give 2 grain latex pillows; 5cm section of 1.2*1.9m size, each bed will give 1 grain latex pillow.