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Healthier sleeping on a hard bed? Soft and hard moderate mattress is more important

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  • Time of issue:2020-10-22
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Healthier sleeping on a hard bed? Soft and hard moderate mattress is more important

Healthier sleeping on a hard bed? Soft and hard moderate mattress is more important.
Back pain, the doctor will have advice: sleep on a hard bed!So some people go home, get rid of their mattresses, put a thin sheet on the bed board and sleep...We often hear exhortations like "sleeping on a hard bed is healthier", but does sleeping on a hard bed really save your waist?
Normal vertebral physiology structure of human body looks from the side show the physiology curve of an S shape, if sleep too hard board bed, cannot cooperate the normal curve of human vertebra, waist cannot get support, time grew easy to still cause strain, aggravating the symptom such as backache of waist.
Perfect bed, to the body protuberant bone, joint still has certain influence.Sleep on the bed with perfect hardness, have a head only, carry on the back, buttock, heel a few points will bear pressure, spinal column can be in stiff quite tensive state, need lumbar back muscle to support, the relaxation effect that should not be achieved when mornify.
So stop letting what you think of as a "hard bed" damage your health!
Too soft bed, lying on it will make the spine bending state, short-term will feel back pain.For a long time like this, also can cause the body middle subsidence, body upper muscle relaxation, lower muscle is pulled tight, easy to cause psoas muscle and bone strain, and even cause spinal curvature or distortion!
If the children of growth and development period sleep soft bed for a long time, it will affect the development of its spine, leading to hump, spine bending deformation!
So, the proposal that a lot of doctors say sleeps hard plank bed is not to say to sleep hard board directly go up, want pad on bed board however 3~5 centimeters soft cushion, namely above more soft and the bed that is hard board below, such ability accords with the normal curve of human body spine.
How to choose soft hard moderate mattress?
Choose according to your body type and weight:
Generally speaking, the mattess that most person suits medium hardness, namely soft hard moderate mattress, and the person that weight is in 60kg-70kg between suits to choose a little "hard" class mattess, the person that weight exceeds 80kg should choose "add hard" mattess.
Small coup:
Lie flat above all when mattress of choose and buy goes up, the place that these 3 places bend apparently to arrive between ham to neck, waist and buttock goes to inside flat extend, see to have space;Turn to one side again, with the same method to try the body curve between the hollow part and the mattress there is a gap, if there is no proof that the mattress and the person in sleep when the neck, back, waist, hip and the natural curve of the legs, such a mattress can be said to be soft and hard moderate.