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Good materials make a good mattress

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Good materials make a good mattress

Good materials make a good mattress
Interpretation of single sponge mattress material
 1. Large core net spring: the spring is made of 70# carbon steel, the spring core is large, the spring is good, and it is durable after heat treatment, not easy to change, the bed net is more solid, and the single size mattress for kid has a stronger resilience , Play a balanced role in supporting the human body.
 2. Independent tube spring: the most high-end single size mattress for hotel support spring, each spring is independent of each other, does not interfere with each other, respectively supports the amount of each part of the body, maintains the natural curve of the body, and will not affect the sleeping partner when turning over .
3. Natural environmentally friendly latex: It is molded by evaporation and has numerous pores and good air permeability. And because the surface of the stomata is smooth, mites and other insects cannot attach, it has excellent elasticity, does not deform, can be washed, and is durable.
4. Environmental protection hot melt cotton: It is made of cotton fiber by high temperature disinfection and pressing to ensure the sanitation of the single size mattress firm, absorb heat and sweat, prevent moisture and mildew, and maintain health.
5. Natural coconut palm: using coconut shell fiber imported from Thailand, after degreasing, mothproofing and anti-bacterial treatment, it will not be too hard or too soft. It maintains excellent breathability and water permeability. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is like sleeping on a hard bed. The first choice for pad people.
6. Natural mountain palm: using high-quality mountain palm and natural latex as raw materials, the mountain palm is refined through the processes of cooking, rolling, decomposition, spraying, pad pressing and shaping, and it is not easy to deform. Because the mountain palm tree grows in the alpine mountain area, it has high strength, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, mothproof, fragrant smell, strong air permeability, no water absorption, and good moisture resistance. It has been proved by ergonomics to be the best single size mattress soft and hard Use index, warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for all seasons.
7. Bamboo charcoal: Bamboo is fired into bamboo charcoal through the latest technology, which has seven special magical effects.
(1) Adjust the environment-the small holes on the surface can release a large amount of negative ions, which play an important role in keeping fresh and improving the air environment.
(2) Far-infrared rays-research has found that bamboo charcoal can emit magical far-infrared rays. This kind of far-infrared rays has obvious auxiliary treatment effects on eliminating fatigue, shoulder pain, lumbar and cervical spine, joint pain, insomnia, asthma and other diseases.
(3) Anti-toxin-Bamboo charcoal can timely kill and clean the toxins in the sweat discharged by the human body during sleep, prevent sweat from penetrating into the bed, and protect the cleanliness of the bed.
(4) Anti-mite-bamboo charcoal is a good absorbent material, which ensures the relative humidity and temperature of the single size malaysia mattress, and makes the mites lose their living environment.
(5) Decomposition of formaldehyde-The decoration materials contain a large amount of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Bamboo charcoal can adsorb and decompose the formaldehyde contained in the room in time to avoid harmful substances such as indoor formaldehyde during sleep.